Note the measurements I wrote on the photo above their crania

Evidence continues to accumulate showing that by the early 21st century, 1) the World’s biggest brained black was at times, the World’s ONLY black billionaire, 2) the World’s biggest brained woman was the World’s most influential woman, and 3) both individuals are the same person: A cultural phenomenon named Oprah, who overcame poverty, racism, sexism, weightism, illegitimacy, sexual abuse and teen pregnancy, to revolutionize the culture of America, and by extension, the World.

Just as the biggest brained animal (humans) used our intelligence to overcome our physical weakness and become the World’s most prosperous and powerful animal, the World’s biggest brain woman overcame her disadvantaged background, to become, at times, both the World’s richest black and the World’s most influential woman.

If true, this is arguably the most important anthropological discovery in decades, making me the Darwin of the 21st century.

Oprah is on record many times stating that her head is 25.25″ inches around.  According to U.S. military data, that makes her an astonishing 6.3 standard deviations above the U.S. female mean, making hers almost certainly, the largest female HC in the developed World, and by extension, the entire World (excluding pathological cases).

Further confirmation of Oprah’s stunning cranium comes from the picture above, which offers a rare opportunity to compare Oprah’s head to that of actor Jamie Fox, because both individuals are facing each other in profile, and Oprah’s hair is pulled back tight.

The photo of Oprah’s cranium is 2.6 cm long, making it 130% as long as Jamie Fox’s.  If Fox has the head circumference of the average American man (568.2 mm), that makes Oprah’s HC an unimaginable, 738.7 mm.  Even if Fox has an extreme small head, like 536.6 mm (2 SD below the U.S. mean for men), that still makes Oprah’s an absolutely colossal, 697.6 mm (27.5″ around).  If anything, Oprah’s self-reported 25.25″ head circumference was a conservative figure.

Further evidence of Oprah’s enormous cranium comes from a photo of Oprah with a famous actress.


Clearly, this actress’s brain could fit into Oprah cranium an incredible three or more times.  Now this actress clearly has a small head, but among 6,325 U.S. army personnel measured in 1998, scholar J.P. Rushton found the smallest was 900 cubic centimeters (a black woman), and the largest was 1,795 cm3 (a white man).  Even if we assume the actress standing next to Oprah was only 900 cm3, the fact that Oprah’s cranium is three or four times bigger, could put Oprah at as high as 2700 cm3 to 3600 cm3!  Though Oprah’s self-reported HC of 25.25″ implies a more believable 2,029 cm3.


A thousand years from now, when no one even knows who Oprah was, anthropologists might dig through the soil and discover a skeleton with a colossal cranial capacity and assume it belonged to someone extremely intelligent.  They’ll think it must have belong to some rare super human, perhaps a more evolved species.  They might then discover the remains of her massive brick mansion and realize her intelligence allowed her to rule over the other humans of her time.