Usually I only talk about linear relationships with IQ because I love the elegance of a straight line, but today I’m going to talk about a variable that has a curvilinear relationship with IQ: Testosterone. People who have too much or too little tend to be dumb, and those with an optimum amount tend to be smart.

Instead of thinking there are two genders (men and women), it helps here to think there are four genders:

1) Weak women
2) Butch women
3) Skinny men
4) Muscular men

Weak men (i.e. Bill Gates) and butch women (i.e. Rosie O’Donnel) are the most intelligent, while muscular men (i.e. Mike Tyson) and weak women (i.e. Paris Hilton) are the least intelligent. Perhaps Mike Tyson and Paris Hilton are smarter than they seem, but knew they had to conform to the dumb stereotype to stay popular. Stereotypes are comforting to people, and we don’t like seeing them violated. I believe this is why muscular Chris Lanngan faced hostility in academia. A guy with a mind of Newton but a body of a wrestler was anathemaa to academic elites, so they made sure he wouldn’t succeed: