Taken from pg 168 of Race, Evolution and Behavior: A Life History Perspective, Third Edition, by J. Philippe Rushton


Blogger Race Realist continues to be skeptical about racial differences in penis size,  but the data from the United States, where both whites and blacks are reared with similar nutrition, seems to show quite conclusively that blacks (at least those of West African descent) have longer and thicker penises than whites.  From the above chart, assuming a normal distribution, I estimate the average white American man has a penis length of 162 mm (SD = 19) , and the average African American man has a penis length of 170 mm (SD = 19). (since 5% of black men are longer that 200 mm, and 2% of white men are, while 27% of white men have penises shorter than 151 mm, while 15% of black men do).

But small differences is the mean have huge implications at the extremes. Assuming a normal distribution, one in 3.4 million African American men would have a penis length > 264 mm, vs only one in about 30 million white men.

What about penis circumference? Once again, black men come out on top. 9% of African American men are > 150 mm, while only 5% of white American men are. Only 2% of men in either race are < 75 mm. Assuming a normal curve, that implies white American men have a mean penis circumference of 117 mm (SD = 21), while black American men have a mean penis circumference of 121 mm (SD = 23). Note the larger SD in black men; they not only have a higher mean, but more variability. This means that black men will be dramatically over-represented among the thickest penises in America, and among the ten thickest in America, 100% should be black; unless some non-black man has some kind of freak mutation.

Penis Quotient

To put these penis measurements in perspective, one can map them to the IQ scale where the white mean and SD are set at 100 and 15 respectively, but instead of calling them IQs (intelligence quotients), we’d have to call them PQs (penis quotients).  And just as IQ tests like the Wechsler yield a verbal IQ, a Performance IQ, and a full-scale IQ, we can calculate length PQ, circumference PQ, and full-scale PQ.

On such a scale, blacks have a mean length PQ of 106 and a circumference PQ of 103 compared to the white mean which by definition is always 100.  Estimating their full-scale PQ depends on the correlation between length and circumference, which I don’t know, but assuming it’s about 0.45 (like the correlation between height and weight), then their full-scale PQ should average 105.  But it should be noted that U.S. blacks are about 15% white on average, so we might expect full-blooded blacks, raised with First World nutrition, to have a full-scale PQ of 106.

So the black > white PQ difference is only about a third as large as the white > black IQ difference, and similar to the East Asian > white IQ difference.  With the difference being relatively small, it will not be found in all studies, and on a global scale, I’d expect the average white to have a larger penis than the average black, since most blacks live in the Third World where their small genetic advantage is dwarfed by the huge nutritional deficit (which occurs even among Third World elites).

The behavior body connection

I got a few emails asking why someone of my sophistication and social class would even entertain such a tawdry topic.  The answer is I find J.P. Rushton’s research absolutely fascinating in that just as a bigger brain correlates with more adaptive behavior, a bigger penis correlates with more sexual behavior, and that there was an evolutionary tradeoff between these two body parts, as humans marched up the evolutionary tree from monkey to man.  Of course our closest ape relatives don’t have especially large penises but their overall genitalia is huge.  I suspect Homo Erectus had a larger penis than any modern human race.

Bring Mamma home a big one

One of the most infamous moments in the history of The Oprah Winfrey Show was when Oprah was interviewing a nerdy female scientist about penis size and sexual satisfaction.  Not content with boring facts and figures, big brained Oprah sensed her audience wanted to know about the scientist’s sexual preferences.  The scientist didn’t want to get personal and continued to blather on about statistics, at which point Oprah said:

But if you had a choice you’d want a big one, right?  Bring Mamma home a big one!

The audience went wild!

Despite Oprah’s superhuman cranial capacity, from the neck down she is still a typical black woman, and the sex drive of the African jungles still raced through her blood.

It was at this point that Phil Donahue, the former reigning monarch of daytime TV, must have felt his empire crumble.  For he could never compete with the sassy Oprah on a level that truly connected with America.


Though once Oprah became the richest African American of all time, she replaced the trash talk with higher discussions about new age spirituality, literature, and self-actualization.

But millions miss the original Oprah who the public and even the critics couldn’t get enough of.  The one who wasn’t so polished, politically correct, and upper class.  As Howard Rosenberg, TV critic of The Los Angeles Times, observed back on Sept. 8, 1986:

She’s roundhouse, a full-course meal, big, brassy, loud, aggressive, hyper, laughable, lovable, soulful, tender, lowdown, earthy, raw, and hungry.  And she may know the way to Phil Donahue’s jugular.


Down and dirty Oprah from the 1980s, was not the polished classy woman we know today who would never wear fur