By 2010, the average IQ of Saudi Arabia on the Raven Standard Progressive Matrices was 84 (UK norms) however as of 2004, the stunting rate in the Arab world was 9.3%. Using a technique I described in my last post, this suggests Arab IQ is stunted by 4 points and that their genetic IQ is 88.

This seems quite low for the people who first invented agriculture and then invented civilization and then produced the most influential man of all time, the prophet Mohammed. However we must believe that generations of cousin marriage harmed their gene pool because of inbreeding depression which attacks all Darwinian fitness traits, from brain size to height. Mixing with sub-Saharan slaves likely also had an effect.

One sign that Arab IQ has declined is the degree to which they are dominated by Jews, despite their much greater population and natural resources. The 9/11 attacks only played into Zionist hands, by dragging the U.S. into Middle east wars.

My favorite thing about the Arab World is shawarmas (yum!), I just wish you could get one with cheese and mayonnaise added to it 🙂