Back in April 2020, Dr. Phil went on Fox News and warned about the dangers of the lockdown. After that appearance he was blasted by liberals for minimizing the dangers of the virus and much of the criticism spilled over against Oprah for making Dr. Phil famous in the first place.

Ever since she helped elect Obama circa 2008, Oprah has been far more popular with liberals than with conservatives, but there is a small but vocal minority of liberals that hate Oprah. For if a dark skinned black woman from the lowest social class, can rise up to become one of the richest, most influential, most powerful, and beloved people on Earth, then what excuse do they have?

Some of these liberal keep their Oprah hatred to themselves for fear of looking racist, but whenever Dr. Phil does something wrong, the leap at the chance to bash him but then shift to bashing Oprah for giving us him.

They are attacking Oprah, but because they are attacking Oprah for giving us a white man, they are being the opposite of racist and sexist.

Because without Oprah, a Southern working class overweight bald ageing straight man from the backwoods of Texas would never have been given a talk show.

You would think with such stereotypically redneck demographics, Dr. Phil would be racist, but you’d be wrong. Dr. Phil’s freakishly large brain gave him the intelligence and compassion to condemn those who were bullying Arabs and Muslims after 9/11.

And now Dr. Phil has proven right about the lockdown. We can’t keep shutting down the entire economy every time there’s an increase in covid cases. Because unless we’re willing to get the United Nations to convince every army on the planet to triple vax every living human, the virus is just going to keep spreading and keep mutating.

It’s time to open up the economy. Invest in more hospitals, treatments and better pay for nurses and doctors. Let private businesses decide for themselves whether their customers and employees need to be vaxed. And let nature (and the free market) take its course.