Five high school stereotypes from left to right: The criminal, the basket case, the jock, the rich popular kid, the high IQ nerd


Pumpkin Person rating: 9/10

The recent discussions about high school jocks and nerds reminds me of one of my 10 favorite movies of all time:  The Breakfast Club.

I don’t know how well this film applies to young people today and it may not be relevant in foreign countries, but it was the defining high school movie for generations of teenagers, and I suspect in many ways it’s timeless.

To those who were surprised to see a non-horror film in my top 10, I say  that in a strange way it is kind of a horror film.  There was something strangely creepy about these five teenagers being all alone in a normally bustling high school on a Saturday afternoon, serving detention.

All alone except for the strict principal and the creepy janitor, who in one haunting scene, tells the students he secretly reads their letters and listens to their conversations.



The creepy janitor


But perhaps the creepiest scene of all comes when the principal takes the delinquent student aside and says something like “many years from now,  when you’re long gone from this school and living your shitty life and everyone has forgotten about you, I’m gona be there!  And I’m gona beat the shit out of you!



The high school principal


Just thinking about that scene gives me goosebumps.   Kids thinks of their teachers and school principals as authority figures to be mocked behind their back, but they forget that these are actual people, with egos, feelings and insecurities.

Imagine your school principal not only knows you’re gona grow up to be a loser languishing in poverty, but that when you do, it will be safe for him to hunt you down and BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU because by then, no one will care about you.


The film is about high school stereotypes: the high IQ nerd, the jock, the popular rich kid, the criminal, and the basket case and how they all come together and bare their soul against the still silence of the empty school.

In many ways it’s just like this blog.  People from all walks of life sharing intimate details of their lives against the utter silence of cyberspace.

The smart nerd: Bruno,

The jock: Race Realist

The rich popular kid: Afro

The criminal who is constantly mocking the others: Mug of Pee

The basket case:  illuminaticat,

The creepy janitor:  Philosopher

Anthony Michael Hall is great as the high IQ nerd because he really looks like a young Bill Gates.  Lion of the Blogosphere says that high IQ guys are nerdy partly because delayed puberty allows the math brain to grow more, which he says also explains why boys are better at math than girls.