About a year ago I posted an anonymous poll asking readers What was your most recent score on an official professionally administered individual IQ test taken in the last 10 years? Of those who reported a score, the mean was 129 with a standard deviation of 21 (n = 93).

When I removed likely trolls–those who picked the most extreme IQs on the poll (160+ or 40 or less), the mean remained 129 but the SD shrunk to 15 (n = 84) with a range of 60 to 155.

This is very close to commenter Bruno’s estimate that the average IQ here is 125 and when you consider that a lot of people get tested on scales using outdated norms, it’s probably more like 127 with a range of 58 to 153.

Also, people are scored against national norms.  If (U.S.) white noms are used (as is done in international research) it would reduce exactly to 125 and the SD would increase to 15.5 with a range of 53 to 152.