Hip-hop superstar T.I. has endorsed Oprah for America’s highest office.  When asked why Hillary lost to Donald Trump he said:

I just don’t think she was the right woman. I think Oprah Winfrey should [run]. I think Oprah should be the first female president

Some people might be surprised that a rapper as hard-core as  TI would be an Oprah fan, but as someone who is EGI aware, I saw this coming a mile away.  Black men tend to highly respect Oprah because the black race is like a family, and as the richest and most influential African American of our time, and the one woman who almost single-handedly put a black couple in the white house, Oprah’s like the overachieving big sister who makes the family proud. Meanwhile Michael Jackson was kind of like the effeminate little brother that you have to look out for, Bill Cosby is the dad, Barack  Obama is the too cool for school Kenyan cousin who they weren’t sure was part of the family until he got the Oprah seal of approval, Michelle Obama is the auntie, Joe Jackson is the crazy uncle, Maya Angelou was the mother and Nelson Mandela was grandpa.

EGI might partly explain why Hillary failed to become President twice.  In 2008 when she was running against a black man, she  needed black women to vote gender over race, and in 2016, when she was running against a racially polarizing white man, she needed white women to vote gender over race, and in both cases they did the opposite.  From an inclusive genetic fitness perspective, the explanation is very simple.  There’s no genetic benefit to helping your gender, but there’s enormous genetic payoff to helping your race.

As a man in my 30s just like TI (the generation that grew up watching Oprah) I’m old enough to remember the OJ Simpson trial, where a famous black man was accused of abusing and then killing his wife.  Prosecutor Marsha Clark wanted the jury stuffed with black women because she thought they’d be more sympathetic to victims of domestic abuse.  Big mistake!  Despite being a highly sophisticated lawyer, she was simply unaware of how genes trump gender.

No matter how smart you are, if you don’t understand EGI, at least on an instinctive level, you suffer from bounded cognition and are at a huge disadvantage in life.