Tony Schwartz, the  co-author of Trump’s massive best seller The Art of the Deal claims to be the person who knows Trump the best, outside his family, since he spent so much time observing him for their book, and he’s spent the last year or so going on a media tour trashing Trump; insulting Trump’s character, intelligence, vocabulary, morals, implying he doesn’t love his kids, even calling him a racist and an anti-Semite, and publicly fearing that a Trump Presidency will cause a nuclear holocaust.

In the interview below he says that he and family are ready to leave the country if Trump gets elected, which Trump has, because Schwartz is so afraid of what Trump would do with all that power.  As someone who does consulting work with the federal government, I understand his concerns, and the level of power the U.S. President now has in the post-9/11 age of big data is absolutely unprecedented.

Trump goes ballistic over even the mildest of insults, so imagine how offended he might be over these incredibly personal attacks by someone he trusted so dearly.

Schwartz must be shaking in his boots.


Meanwhile Oprah’s freakishly huge brain size gave her the intelligence to stay on Trump’s good side.  I remember when big brained Rosie O’Donnell (though not as big as Oprah’s)went on a televised tirade against Trump, Oprah was watching from the treadmill, and while everyone else was laughing hysterically and Rosie’s comic shtick, Oprah said “WHOAH! He is going to hear about that, and he is not going to be happy.”

The next day Oprah’s prediction came true, with Trump going on every media outlet imaginable to call Rosie a fat pig, a slob, a loser, not very bright.  And he just wouldn’t stop; the insults went on for weeks.

Trump does not like being made fun of, and many speculate that he ran for President to avenge  Obama mocking Trump at the White House Correspondents dinner.

Meanwhile Oprah very shrewdly stayed on Trump’s good side by inviting him and his kids on her show during the final weeks she was on the air and it was an honor Trump has never forgotten.  When Trump asked Oprah to appear on his hit show The Apprentice, Oprah skillfully appealed to his ego by saying “you got the #1 show on TV. What do you need me for?”

Trump beamed with pride that the most successful person in the history of television was calling his show #1.  He already greatly admired Oprah because Trump worships winners, but now his admiration went through the roof.  Whether the show really was number one or not, Trump said it was, and Oprah knew better than to question it.


Despite being raised by an unwed welfare mother, Oprah’s freakishly huge brain size allowed her to learn the politics of America’s elite very rapidly and know that there are some people you just don’t fuck with, and Trump is one.

Some might say Oprah was not being smart, she was just being cowardly, but as J.R. Ewing used to say to people who claimed he didn’t scare them:

it takes brains to know when to be afraid. And since those seem to be in short supply, let me help you out.  Be afraid. Be very afraid.


JR Ewing

As the late J.P. Rushton once told me, everyone in life makes mistakes, but smarter people get ahead in life because they make fewer of them.

One of many, many mistakes Oprah shrewdly avoided was not overstaying her welcome.  Oprah was smart enough to know that America can only handle one obscenely successful black person at a time, so after electing Obama, she very shrewdly ended her daily talk show while it was still #1, and retreated to a less visible role of running a cable network.  She also likely instinctively understood that a backlash against visible minorities was imminent.