According to scholar Richard G. Klein, if you took someone from Africa 80,000 years ago and dressed them up in modern clothes and had them walk into a university lecture hall, the only thing we would notice is that the person was extraordinarily well built (see 10:50 in video below):


But behind the normal appearance would lurk an incredibly primitive mind.  For according to Klein, before about 50,000 years, the freak mutation causing behavioral modernity had not yet occurred, even though anatomical modernity evolved 200,000 years ago.

According to Klein all peoples today are behaviorally modern.  That means that if HBD is correct, and Bushmen and pygmies have genetic IQs no higher than 70, then the Africans before 50,000 years ago must have been lower still.

How much lower?

In my last post, I estimated that homo erectus, who lived from 1.9 million years ago to 70,000 years ago, had an average IQ of 29.  Meanwhile anatomically modern humans appeared 200,000 years ago.

According to geneticist Spencer Wells, from 1 million years ago, to 65,000 years, there was virtually no cultural or technological progress, so big brained anatomically modern humans were still behaving like IQ 29 Homo erectus for 135,000 years!

What were the IQs of these people?  They must have been much smarter than tiny brained Homo erectus (IQ 29) but not as high as today’s Bushmen and pygmies (genetic IQ at least 70) who have made the leap to behavioral modernity. Let’s split the difference and assume they had an IQ of 50.

So for 135,000 years, Africa was inhabited by IQ 50 people who looked just like modern big brained Africans, yet were behaving like tiny brained Erectus, making the same simple one million year-old stone tools over and over again like mindless zombies for 135,000 years, until finally a genetic mutation snapped them out of their trance, and made them behaviorally modern.

It must have been an incredibly terrifying time if we could see it, because everyone would have looked like fully modern black Africans, yet would have had the mind of animals.