So I turned on Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe roast, expecting to see Lowe get roasted, but instead all of the jokes were aimed at Ann Coulter, who for some strange reason was attending.

I was watching with a woman who hated Ann Coulter, but by the end of the evening she felt sorry for her.

Coulter seemed to be making the same mistake her hero Trump made when he was roasted by President Obama: She didn’t laugh!

By laughing, you make yourself in on the joke, but by just sitting there smiling, staring nervously, you are merely the butt of the joke.  At one point one of the comics mocking Ann, turned to her and said something like “don’t stare at me with that freaky bitch face,” causing the audience to explode into more cruel laughter at Ann.

When Peton Peyton Manning was mercilessly mocked for his freakishly huge head,  Manning’s brain size gave him the intelligence to adapt, by slapping his knees laughing, but Ann just sat there all night with that creepy smile.

Knowing Ann’s obsession with Ivy League elitism, she was probably thinking the whole thing was beneath her.  Who cares if these low SAT score state college losers mock me, she probably thought.

When it was finally Ann’s turn to take the stage, you expected her to turn the tables on her tormenters, but sadly her one liners seemed to bomb, and she was booed by the audience and heckled by the comics.

Because of Coulter’s anti-immigration views, many of the loudest laughs at Coulter’s expense came from Hispanics in the audience.  This is yet another example of ethnic genetic interests.

Part of the problem was probably Coulter’s arrogance.  The comedy writers had given her material, but she probably arrogantly thought “I don’t need low SAT scores state school losers to write jokes for me. I will write my own jokes.”

Although she did have one great line: ““Welcome to the Ann Coulter Roast with Rob Lowe”

But one of the advantages of being an Ivy League lawyer, is no matter how badly you screw up, people assume it must have been part of your brilliant master plan.  Some are suggesting that she deliberately bombed as a way of getting more publicity.