One of the downsides of being famous is you begin to attract haters. An HBDer named “Misdreavus” (his avatar above)has been going on a month long tirade against me on Twitter. Misdreavus was heavily promoted on JayMan’s blog and gained attention for being a black gay HBDer who makes witty sassy comments on twitter. The fact that JayMan so effusively and repeatedly promoted him is an example of Rushton’s genetic similarity theory. Both JayMan and Misdreavus share sub-Saharan genes, as well as genes that cause them to believe in HBD while also both being extremely socially liberal. This is a very unique genetic combination, so evolution predisposed JayMan to use his clout to advance another organism who shares so many of his genes. Allow the great scientist Rushton to explain:

Both JayMan and Misdreavus deny such an evolutionary process exists but I’m a huge believer in the process, and that was one of the first things Misdreavus complained about, but sadly, he then started attacking my statistical work. In my opinion, Misdreavus has high verbal IQ and high social IQ (Theory of Mind), but lacks the self-awareness to stay in his lane when it comes to math. Back in early April he wrote:

It turned out there were no errors, and the test has proven so difficult that out of the thousands of people who read this blog, only one so far has been granted a degree in heritability from the prestigious Pumpkin Person institute of behavioral genetics. And no one has even come close to obtaining a perfect score.

A month later he wrote:

This is supposed to be some kind of backhanded complement but Richard Lynn has arguably contributed more to HBD than any living human.

A day later he wrote:

This comment is ironic for someone who denies the existence of ethnic genetic interests. For the record, I’m not a neocon; I opposed all the wars in the Middle East. Canada famously opposed the war in Iraq. And I don’t have any Jewish characteristics except for obviously high intelligence.

Weeks later he wrote:

Once again, no specifics are given. Two days later he wrote:

He declines to expose any errors.