A video of big brained Oprah arm wrestling Jewish Rosanne Barr:

According to HBD, blacks are the most masculine, aggressive and athletic race, so I was surprised to discover a large subset of HBDers (on the internet) who believe whites are stronger than blacks.

One reason they believe this is because of Allen’s Rule, a theory claiming that body types evolve to become more linear in warm climates and more rounded and compact in cold climates. Round forms, having smaller surface area to volume ratios, are thought to freeze less easily. There’s also Bergmann’s Rule which asserts, for similar reasons, that body size evolves to be large in cold climates and small in warm climates.

Thus, it’s assumed that blacks evolved to be tall and small (good for warm climates) while whites evolved to be short and big (good for cold climates).  A short and big physique is then presumed to be good for weight-lifting.

The problem with this view is it’s too simplistic.  Allen’s Rule and Bergmann’s Rule are not the only factors that influence the evolution of physique.  There’s also Rushton’s rule, which argues cold climates select for less masculine, dominant and sexual traits.

One reason Allen’s rule makes sense to people is their image of black physiques comes from Third World African countries where malnutrition is rampant.  Of course people in those countries are especially skinny, but when you compare blacks and whites reared in the same country, blacks are heavier, despite being a bit shorter.

The average male American white age 20-39 is 70.4 inches tall and 193.5 lbs.

The average male American black age 20-39 is 70.1 inches tall and 202.4 lbs.

See table 6 and table 12.

The average black American can bench press more than the average white American

Of course weight and strength are not the same thing.  In order to compare the races in strength, I found a study of police officers which compared the bench pressing ability of black and white officers, both at the time they were recruited, and after years on the job.  The study found that upon recruitment, the average white man could bench press 84.2 kg (standard deviation = 21.2), the average black could bench press 95.1 kg (SD = 24.6).  In other words, black men are 0.51 SD stronger than white men.  If we convert strength to farmilliar IQ scale, where the white mean is set at 100 and the white SD is set at 15, then white men have a (sex adjusted) SQ (Strength Quotient) of 100, and black men have an SQ of 108.

Both races improved after years of on the job training, but the gap remained.  Black women could also bench press more than white women, both at recruitment, and especially after training in both groups.

Blacks dominate American body building

What happens when we move from the average and look at the extremes? Here’s a list of the top 15 body builders of all time.  For apples to apples comparison, I excluded all the non-Americans, to make a list of the top AMERICAN body builder’s of all time:

1. Ronnie Coleman (Black)
2. Arnold Schwarzenegger (White)
3. Kai Greene (Black)
4. Phillip Health (Black)
5. Flex Wheeler (Black)
6. Johnnie O. Jackson (Black)
7. Lee Haney (Black)
8. Lou Ferrigno (White)
9. Kevin Levrone (Black)

So blacks are only 12.6% of America, but 78% of the top body builders in American history.  And this is what we should expect.  The nature of the bell curve is such that if black men are 8 points higher than white men in SQ, they should be dramatically overrepresented among those with the most extreme SQs.  This is analogous to how American Jews (with IQs 10 points higher than U.S. whites) are greatly overrepresented among Nobel Prize winners.

World’s Strongest Man

There is a major anomaly however.  As blogger Racerealist told me, nine Americans have won the World’s Strongest Man competition, and not a single Black was among them.  Indeed not a single Black has won from any country.

If the average black is stronger than the average white, and if top black body builders outcompete top white body builders, why has there not been a single black among the World’s Strongest men winners?

There are several possibilities:

1) It’s just a statistical anomaly caused by small sample size.  Most well nourished blacks live in America, and only 9 Americans have won.  Once 20 Americans have won, we might see several blacks included.

2) The average white is weaker than the average black, but there might be certain white ethnic groups that are especially strong

3) whites have lower mean strength but might have a greater standard deviation; however the police study above did not find this, and it fails to explain why black dominate body building

4) whites dominate strongest man competitions because they’re not athletic enough to do anything else, while the strongest blacks play lucrative sports like boxing, football and basketball instead.