The rise and fall of Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos rose to the top of the alt-right universe thanks to his incredibly high verbal IQ, flamboyant gay enthusiasm and the fact that he is fanatically pro-Trump enough to appeal to the masses yet pro-Neocon enough to appeal to the elites who manipulate those masses.

However his career appears to have imploded after the media learned he made the following comments that appeared to some to be defending pederasty:

In the homosexual world, particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men — the sort of ‘coming of age’ relationships — the relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable sort of rock

This was an incredibly stupid comment on two levels:  First, there’s a huge difference between young people needing adult role models and mentors who understand what they’re going through, and those adult role models having sex with them.  When you’re young your sexuality is still developing and any kind of deviant or traumatic experience can permanently affect it.

Secondly, if he’s going to have a theory that disgusting, he should at least be smart enough to keep it to himself.

Verbal IQ allowed Milo to rise to the top, but a lack of Theory of Mind IQ appears to have caused him to come crashing down.

I’m reminded of a great quote from the late great J.P. Rushton who told me:

All of us have successes.  All of us make mistakes.  But high IQ people tend to get further ahead in life, partly because they make fewer mistakes.

One of the reasons the correlation between IQ and MEASURABLE cumulative life-time earnings might be as high as 0.5 is that free market punishes dumb mistakes.  Milo just lost an incredibley lucrative book deal and he’s lost his massive platform at the well funded Breitbart.

My first clue that Milo’s Theory of Mind IQ was not that high was when he described Trump as one of the smartest people in the country; “he’s so, so clever” Milo gushed.

“You know when you talk about intelligence, there are so many different parts to it, ” a wise mentor once told me. “It’s memorization, it’s pattern recognition, it’s…”

The speed of the brain?

That’s only one part of it!” my mentor said:  “If you want a single umbrella to cover ALL of intelligence….” he said, slowly, carefully, spreading out his arms as far as they would reach to convey the utter vastness of the entity he was describing, “then it’s the ability to adapt; to take whatever situation you’re in, and turn it around to your advantage.  That’s really what intelligence is”

Here we see Milo used one part of intelligence to get to the top (verbal IQ), but his lack of another part of intelligence (Theory of Mind IQ) derailed his success.  In order to get to the absolute top of America, you can’t just be a one-trick pony.  You must be able to adapt.

How Oprah cured my homophobia

When I was a young child (I’m now in my 30s), I was VERY conservative, which is odd because I grew up in a liberal household.  Usually the children are more liberal than the parents but in my home it was just the opposite,  and it created a lot of conflict from a young age.

Because the Ontario media was so obsessed with J.P. Rushton I ended up believing in HBD, but because my family was so liberal, I was very uncomfortable about HBD views, and I wanted to know that there were at least some blacks who didn’t fit the racialist stereotypes.

But sadly, everywhere I looked, the oppressive racialist stereotypes were being fulfilled.  From my distorted immature perspective, Michael Jackson was the dancing monkey stereotype, and was constantly grabbing his “jumbo jungle junk”.  In the eyes of racists, Michael Jordan fulfilled the yard ape stereotype, by jumping high and shooting basketballs and Mike Tyson fulfilled the angry gorilla stereotype.  Even Clarence Thomas was vulnerable to racist ape stereotypes by refusing to speak for years and having a gorilla physique, and while I was briefly impressed with Colin Powell, he didn’t even look black.

Meanwhile Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy fulfilled the stereotype of blacks just being clowns there to amuse whites.  And gangsta rap was the embodiment of the most violent and sexual of black stereotypes.

And then I started watching Oprah and for the first time in my life, here was a black person who just exuded intelligence and dignity.  And while she could be incredibly entertaining, much of the time she discussed serious issues in an articulate way. Despite being fat, she was so dignified in how she carried herself, crossing one obese panty hosed leg over the other with lady-like precision; putting her finger on her chin pensively as she listened to her guests.  Despite her chronic overeating, when it came to hair and makeup, she was meticulous.  “Word in the ghetto is Oprah got the best hair,” joked Eddie Murphy.

November 1988 Ms. magazine observed:

 in a society where fat is taboo, she made it in a medium that worships thin and celebrates a bland, white-bread prettiness of body and personality…But Winfrey made fat sexy, elegant — damned near gorgeous – with her drop-dead wardrobe, easy body language, and cheerful sensuality.


But while  my feminine side was admiring Oprah, my masculine side had joined the cadets and this made me extremely homophobic because in the cadets at the time (I’m sure it’s different today), it was taboo for a guy to even touch another guy in any way (not even tapping him on the shoulder) and they were constantly calling one another “fags” and “queers”, and wanting to fit in, I subconsciously internalized this homophobia and became very hostile towards gays.

One afternoon while watching Oprah, the audience was full of male body builders as well as women with very short hair died white.  Another show about gays I thought with a sigh.

And Oprah was no longer the fat best friend America had fallen in love with, but a svelte, more militant Oprah.


There was a nerdy conservative intellectual who was very much opposed to gay marriage, arguing that we can’t let gays marry because the definition of marriage is a man and a woman, so if it would be like, the definition of water is H2O, so if we start calling vinegar water, that changes the definition.

“Are you implying that heterosexual is to water and gay is to vinegar?” asked Oprah.

“No of course not,” he huffed condescendingly “that’s just an analogy”.

But the climax of the show was when some redneck woman wearing a cowboy hat stood up in the audience and said “gays are constantly flaunting their gayness and I’m tired of it!”

There was a quiet smattering of applause from the few anti-gay people in the studio audience that day.

And then, in one of the most powerful moments in TV history, Oprah walked right up to her and said “you know what I’m tired of?  HETEROSEXUAL MALES RAPING AND SODOMIZING YOUNG GIRLS. THAT’S WHAT I’M TIRED OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

By the time Oprah had finished her sentence, almost the entire audience of gay body builders and bleach white haired lesbians were standing up screaming and applauding hysterically.  It was total pandemonium, and one of the most electric things I had ever seen.

Part of the reason the reaction was so enthusiastic was that Oprah seldom gave political opinions in those days, so to hear the World’s most influential woman give one that was so succinct, loud, powerful and graphic, and on behalf of an oppressed minority other than her own, just brought the house down.  In that moment, my homophobia was cured.

Later in the show, a black woman stood up and said “I just want to say homosexuality is wrong because God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”

Emboldened by the pro-gay audience, Oprah cut her off dismissively: “Okay I hear what you’re saying, but I have to move on.”

Unfortunately the nerdy homophobic conservative was not happy with the direction the show had taken and wanted to knock Oprah off her high horse, and sensed his opportunity:

“Oprah who among us, who have been raised by a mother and a father, woud trade that for being raised by two men?”

“But isn’t a child better off there than in a home where there’s abuse?” Oprah replied.

“Oprah, you can’t compare a worst case scenario.  Isn’t a child better off there than in a burning building?  You could come up with a hundred scenarios. Oprah don’t be absurd!”

Rather than trying to defend an awkward argument, Oprah had the cognitive adaptability to shift gears completely, by saying “I wasn’t trying to absurd, sir”

The tone in her voice made it clear that he had crossed the line, and the nerd walked it back by saying “well, that’s just the way it seemed to me”

Big brained Oprah then cleverly used her power which he did not have, by cutting to commercial break.  Intelligence is the cognitive ability to adapt any situation you’re in to your advantage, but part of adapting to a situation is having the lateral quick thinking and executive brain functioning to change the situation into a more favorable one, rather than perseverating on the one you’re in.

Autism vs schizophrenia research deserves the Nobel Prize?

The notion that autism is the opposite of schizophrenia can probably be traced to scholars Bernard Crespi and Christopher Badcock, who marshalled quite a bit of support for their incredibly elegant model in 2008:

Autistcs are often non-verbal while schizophrenics talk constantly.

Autistics tend to have a spatial IQ > verbal IQ profile, and a fluid IQ > crystalized IQ  profile, while schizophrenics tend to have a verbal IQ > spatial IQ profile and a crystalized IQ > fluid IQ profile.

Autistics tend to have good local brain processing and lots of short range brain connections, while schizophrenics tend to have good global brain processing and lots of long range connections.

Autistics tend to be hyperlexic while schizophrenics tend to be dyslexic.

Autistics tend to have hyper-glutamatergic neurotransmission with high rates of epilepsy, while schizophrenics tend to have hypo-glutamatergic neurotransmission

Autistics tend to pay less attention to gaze while schizophrenics have so much gaze sensitivity, they get paranoid everyone is looking at them

Autistics have reduced shared attention, while schizophrenics have delusions of conspiracy

Autistics tend to have reduced personal agency while schizophrenics have megalomania, delusions of reference

Autistics tend to have hypo-activation of BA8,44,46 in functional imaging studies, while these tend to be hyper-activated in schizophrenia

Autistics tend to have reduced activation of resting brain network while the schizophrenic resting brain network is increased

Autistics tend to have larger brains (at least in childhood), while schizophrenics have smaller brains

Autistics tend to preserve grey matter as they age, while schizophrenics show rapid grey matter loss.

Autistics have a larger more reactive amygdala while schizophrenics have a smaller amygdala

Autistics have relative right-hemisphere dysfunction while schizophrenics have relative left-hemisphere dysfunction

Autistics seem to have increased structural brain asymmetry while schizophrenics seem to have decreased structural functional asymmetry

Autistics suffer from literalness, inability to deceive, while schizophrenics suffer from delusional mentality, magical ideation

Autistics have reduced imagination and less symbolic play as kids while schizophrenics have complex social delusions and enhanced imagination in psychotic savants.

Autistics suffer from repetitive behavior, resistance to change, and focus on one or few aspects of the environment.  By contrast schizophrenics suffer from reduced filtering of stimulus relevance, loose associations and enhanced creativity.

Autistics tend to have relatives that major in the technical sciences while schizophrenics tend to have relatives that major in the humanities and social sciences.

If this model turns out to be scientifically correct, instead of just based on selective interpretation of the literature, then I think these two gentlemen deserve the Nobel Prize, which would be especially great since Crespi is a Canadian.

Their theory has certainly inspired a lot of the ideas on this blog, including controversial ideas Crespi and Badcock would probably be horrified by.

For more on their BRILLIANT research, I suggest you watch this great lecture by Crespi:

Are muscular guys genetically inferior?

In this social experiment, the nerd gets eight times as many women as the muscular guy.  That’s really pathetic because nerds are already superior when it comes to academic, financial, and political success.  One of the few areas where muscular guys are supposed to win is in the sexual market, and sadly they can’t even pull that off.


They are simply genetically inferior because the muscular body type branched off the evolutionary tree pre-maturely.

After watching this video I feel like starving my muscles off (not that I recommend that).

I realize not everyone agrees with the progressive model of evolution, but real scientists do. For example, check out this article:



There was a time when I wanted big muscles, but now as a man in my 30s, my role model for future male masculinity is Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.  In this film, a bunch of thugs assume he’s a low testosterone old man they can just push around, (just like many commenters assume I’m a low T pushover) only to learn the hard way that there’s more to him than meets the eye.

To quote Oprah “I LOVE being underestimated”


A TERRIFYING lesson every parent needs to learn

Many years ago a little girl may have asked her mother to take her swimming.  The mother probably didn’t have time so she setup the sprinkler in the front yard for the little girl to run through.

The mother then went inside, probably to watch television.  A little while later, she must have been started by a jolting sound:




Who the fuck is that, she must have thought.  We live in the middle of nowhere U.S.A.  And it’s obviously not my little girl because she would run into the house instead of knocking, and she couldn’t knock that hard and high if she tried.




Oh God, I better answer, she must have thought.  When she opened the door she saw a very dark skinned black looking black woman, perhaps dripping with sweat because she had been jogging for miles.

The black woman explained to the mother that having her daughter run through the sprinkler in a bathing suit may seem innocent to her, but to a pedophile driving by, that is BAIT, and while the little girl may be in no imminent danger of being molested, that pedophile would remember where they lived and watch them from afar.

The mother must have been speechless, shell-shocked and embarrassed about her mistake. By the time she composed herself to say thank you, the black woman was probably a distant silhouette, jogging off into the sunset.

What the mother may have never known, is that the black woman who had just saved her daughter was the MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMAN ON THE PLANET, and at times, the WORLD’S ONLY BLACK BILLIONAIRE, unrecognizable wearing a baseball cap and sweating and without the makeup and bright lights of television.  The same incredible brain size that helped give her the intelligence to achieve all the glamour of television, was now helping her save a young girl from one of the worst things that could ever happen to her.

For had Oprah Winfrey not knocked on her door that day, then a few weeks later there might have been another knock on the door, perhaps from a friendly neighbour, just stopping by to introduce himself.  Over a period of months, the mother and neighbour would have gradually become friends, and then one day when she was in a bind and desperately needed a favour, she would have asked him if he could keep an eye on her daughter while  she rushed frantically to work.

“No problem” he would have replied with a smile. “No problem”

Four types of masculinity

[Update Feb 6, 2017: I just did an internet search of others who had posted on similar topics to this in the past and iconic blogger Steve Sailer deserves enormous credit for many of the ideas in this post]

There are at least four major types of masculinity.  Two of them mental and two of them physical.

1. Cognitive masculinity

This is characterized by having a spatial IQ > verbal IQ, and a math IQ > Theory of Mind IQ.  If you have extreme cognitive masculinity you become autistic.  One of the great mysteries is why some autistics are billionaire computer Geniuses and Nobel prize winners and so many others are severely mentally retarded.  Perhaps it’s because if your verbal IQ is too much lower than your spatial IQ, then you can’t learn language and if you can’t learn language, you can’t function at all in human society, but a little autism appears to be a good thing.

By contrast if you have very little cognitive masculinity, you will rely on intuition instead of logic which is good up to a point, but if you travel too far down that road you become a delusional schizophrenic.

2. Emotional masculinity

This is where I’m lacking.  People are always complaining that I am too nice and too moral for my own good and at work I have so much trouble firing people because like a woman, I worry so much about what will happen to them and have way too much compassion for others, including animals and even plants (which makes no sense since plants can’t feel pain).  Ideally a leader needs to be tough and devious and not let people take advantage of him, but you don’t want to be too emotionally masculine because you’ll be a psychopath.

One reason women like “bad boys” is because they’re emotionally masculine.  I was watching a documentary about my favorite horror franchise Halloween, and while most of the hard-core fans were guys, a few were blond blue eyed very sexual women who were such huge fans of the series that they flashed their breasts to the camera asking “see anything you like?” (a reference to a nude scene in the original Halloween).  When asked why they loved the films’ iconic serial killer Michael Myers so much, one woman gushed “there’s something so masculine about him.”

Nobody cared about actor Michael C. Hall when he played David in Six Feet Under but once he played Dexter the serial killer, he suddenly became a sex symbol, even though the former was a much better show.

3. Vertical masculinity

This is simply how tall you are.

4. Horizontal masculinity

This is simply how muscular and robust you are

Masculinity and evolution

As humans evolved from the apes, we became less masculine emotionally and horizontally, but more masculine vertically.  This is probably because it’s a more efficient design because being tall and thin consumes fewer calories than being short and robust yet gives you more speed and reach, though less strength.

Masculinity and social class

There are also social class differences in masculinity with the upper class being more vertically masculine and the lower classes being more horizontally masculine.  This may help explain the negative correlation between IQ and weight/height ratio.

I noticed this when I went to the gym with an extremely wealthy co-worker.  While most guys there were trying to lift the heaviest weights possible, he would only lift pathetically light weights with lots of repetition because he felt that at a height of 5’8″, he would look disproportionate if he gained muscle.

While the lower classes believe the more muscle the better for all men, the upper classes only approve of muscle on men of a certain height and perhaps only up to a point.  Some in the upper class consider it worse to be short and muscular than it is to be short and scrawny or even short morbidly fat.  I find this very weird but perhaps it’s because the upper class having higher IQs, have a greater sensitivity to abstract concepts like irony or perhaps it’s just class genetic interests discriminating against physiques that reflect blue collar gene pools.

Nerds & women

Many guys in the HBD-o-sphere worship Alpha males and are totally ashamed of their own nerdiness.  I find this annoying because back when I was in high school (I’m now in my 30s) I was somewhat popular with the “cool” kids because they loved my impersonations of the teachers, but I always wanted to hang out with the nerds.  To me nerdiness represented intelligence.  I viewed nerds as more highly evolved and genetically superior.  The problem was I don’t look like a nerd, and nerds were interested in talking about HARD sciences and science fiction, and I was interested in the social sciences and horror films.

But it’s not surprising that nerds feel inferior to “alphas” because according to J.P. Rushton’s theory, as humans became more evolved, they developed a K reproduction strategy (lower birth rates but higher survival rates) and with that came lower self-esteem, because if you only mate with one woman, you don’t need the ego to pursue numerous partners.  Further, as humans migrated North, there was more need for technological intelligence to build shelter, tools and clothing and less need for the social IQ to pickup women, so the social part of the brain began to shrink, to make room for more technical processing.

The low self-esteem combined with scrawniness, glasses and social obtuseness makes nerds feel they can’t score with women  but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Economist Peter Orzag is an example of a guy who is a complete stereotypical nerd, yet always has a gorgeous woman on his arm, and is ranked by the media as one of the sexiest guys in Washington.

The SFGate gushed:

Any dude who can snag ABC newscaster Bianna Golodryga while banging wealthy shipping heiress Claire Milonas, and running the country’s budget is a man.

This must infuriate the dumb jocks who probably shoved him in his locker in high school.


One reason women like him is that he’s extremely self-confident, and women don’t expect that from a nerd so they’re pleasantly surprised.  If you’re a nerd, a little bit of alpha goes a long way.

I’m friends with a guy who despite being tall and athletic, never had much success with women.  One Halloween he was desperate for a costume so he dressed up like a nerd with exaggerated glasses and a pocket protector.  To my utter astonishment, women at the very upscale bar we were at could not stop hitting on him.  It occurred to me that women grade guys on a curve.  When he was a jock he was only average in height and athleticism for a jock so women ignored him, but when he became a nerd he was in the top 10%.

RIP Mary Tyler Moore


Yesterday the World was rocked by the devastating news that TV icon Marry Tyler Moore had passed away.  As a man in my 30s, I personally didn’t know too much about her, but for working women coming of age in the 1970s, this woman was an incredible inspiration, especially for women in television like Oprah who was just coming up through the ranks in the cut-throat world of TV news, working with an older male co-anchor who simply didn’t want her. The theme song of Mary’s show was “you’re going to make it after all” and would end with a liberated Mary tossing her hat in the air, and 22-year-old Oprah would watch every Saturday night when she didn’t have a date.

Oprah did a tribute to the show’s famous opening where Oprah too would toss her hat in the air just like Mary, but with Oprah playing the part,  the “you’re going to make it after all” theme took on special meaning.

With the exception of her best friend Gayle, no one thought Oprah would make it when she left a successful talk show in Baltimore that she was co-hosting with Richard Cher, to host her very own show in Chicago in the mid 1980s.  People told her she was crazy to walk into Phil Donahue’s hometown and challenge the king of daytime TV in his own backyard.  This was considered a suicide mission for anyone, especially an overweight black looking black woman.

And yet to everyone’s astonishment, she was successful immediately.  The low budget morning talk show she took over went from dead last in the ratings to #1, practically overnight, and the rest is television history.  She would go on to become not only the World’s most influential woman, but the richest African American of all time. She made it after all.

The time Marry Tyler Moore surprised Oprah on live TV goes down as one of the all time greatest moments in television.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…beautiful brain

In the age of MRIs, a new form of art is emerging.  Capturing the brains of people at their most intimate moments, like this mother and child:


(credit: Rebecca Saxe and Atsushi Takahashi / Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT / Athinoula A. Martinos Imaging Center at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT)

But the ultimate brain scan art would be if Oprah posed intimately with other luminaries, since Oprah’s arguably both the biggest brained member of both her race and her gender and the most successful member of both her race and her gender.  The MRI scan could be displayed in the Oprah Winfrey wing of the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture.


The reason brain size tripled in 4 million years of evolution is that our bigger brained ancestors were not only smart enough to help themselves survive and prosper, but also their tribe.

Oprah helped her tribe just by being such a visible example of success for so long, but also by building the most beautiful school in Africa and by using her incredible influence to elect a black President who brought health care to millions of the working poor.

For the first time in history, hundreds of millions of blacks could see themselves in the most powerful and prestigious job on Earth and this changed the trajectory of their lives.  Millions of people of all races, for the first time in their lives saw that a black could be king of the World and stopped seeing blacks as inferior.

And not only was the king of the World black for eight wonderful years,  but SO WAS HIS WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A black woman was First Lady.  And not just any black woman, but a homegirl who liked to shoot basketball and give people fist bumps.  For the first time on a global level, this unique brand of black femininity was validated at the highest level. Millions of blacks were validated because she reminded them of their auntie and the type of everyday black woman they saw on the bus.

As the former editor of the Harvard Law Review, President Obama probably thinks he was the mastermind behind his and Michelle’s success, but I suspect the real brains was the woman with the World’s largest black brain:


AP photo

But coming from poverty, sexual abuse, and a very humble college, Oprah worships the Ivy League Obamas like brilliant black Gods, not realizing she was the true Genius behind their throne.