Digging through the hundreds of TAVIS test submissions, I have slowly found 10 TAVIS takers with self-reported SAT scores (old scale; pre-April 1995). I’m sure there are many more, but this is a start:

Old SATs were converted to IQ using this article. 45-year-olds were assumed to have taken the old SAT in the mid 1990s, 55-year olds in the mid 1980s etc.

The correlation between TAVIS and old SAT scores was a disappointing 0.04. The person with the highest SAT score (1560) got the lowest TAVIS score (7). But given the small sample size, this needn’t alarm us, and indeed if we eliminate that one anomalous person, the correlation jumps to 0.60.

If we put TAVIS scores and IQ equivalents in order from highest to lowest and place them side by side, we get the following preliminary IQ equivalents:

TAVIS 14 = IQ 161

TAVIS 13 = IQ 154

TAVIS 12 = IQ 143

TAVIS 11 = IQ 139

TAVIS 10 = IQ 131

TAVIS 9 = IQ 117

TAVIS 8 = ?

TAVIS 7 = IQ 109