[update 2022-04-15: an earlier version of this article reported the number of people who had passed each item on the TAVIS. This data was based on the response summary. However thanks to an anomaly spotted by commenter kiwianon, I did more research and it now appears that summary reported everyone who answered the question, and not just those who did so correctly]

As of today, there have been 746 responses to the TAVIS. Of these, 625 answered at least one item. This is not to imply that even the easiest item was too tough for 121 people, since many respondents did not properly start the test or did not bother taking it, and of those who took it, some likely took it multiple times strategically answering only one question as part of an attempt to infer answers.

A score of only 14 out of 24 puts you around the one in 4,000 level or even one in 42,000 level, depending on which (if any) of my three normings you believe. Not a single person (out of 625) has scored above 19.

When a test’s ceiling is so much higher than it’s hardest item (which hopefully wont be the case here), it’s sometimes a sign of low reliability. On a perfectly reliable test, the percent of people answering the hardest item perfectly matches the percent of people with a perfect score .