Pumpkin Person rating: 8.5 out of 10

I love movies about a pair of upper middle class couples in their 30s isolated in remote, beautiful cozy location. I started watching this movie with the sister of my mother’s friend. The sister went to bed early, saying the film was “too slow”.

But I love slow movies. I love horror films but I’ve realized it’s not the horror part I love about them. I love all the parts leading up to the horror. The long drive to the secluded location. The excitement of the characters about the fun weekend they have to look forward to. The scenes where the characters step out on the deck overlooking a cliff, overlooking an ocean and say “isn’t it beautiful?”

Usually the horror starts the night the characters get to the location, but in this film, they apparently arrived on a Friday afternoon, and the horror didn’t start until Saturday night so they had time to go for a walk on the isolated beach, get drunk, make out in the jacuzzi, go for a hike etc.

The film is about two white brothers and their girlfriends (wives?). One brother has a high IQ and works in an academic profession while the other brother had spent time in jail for fighting and lacks general knowledge (implies humans were alive near dinosaur times). But the lower IQ brother has a high IQ Middle Eastern girlfriend who also happens to be the high IQ brother’s work partner. The low IQ brother fears his high IQ wife might leave him for a smarter guy, but he never suspects that smarter guy might be his own brother.

When the Middle Eastern girlfriends tries to rent their vacation destination she is declined, only to find her lower IQ white boyfriend is able to rent it an hour later raising questions about racism, but that’s the least of their problems as they discover someone is videotaping their showers and trying to kill them.

This film was directed and co-written by Dave Franco (the younger brother of James Franco) who cast his wife as the high IQ brother’s wife. Well worth watching on Amazon Prime.