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Professor Black Truth is a youtube personality who reminds me of a black version of “Philosopher” and other alt-right extremists. Just as Philosopher thinks Ashkenazi elites conspire to undermine white interests (by propping up blacks), professor Black Truth thinks the elite serves white interests and conspires to oppress blacks (by propping up tools for white supremacy).

I estimate Professor Black Truth to be more verbally intelligent than 99.75% of Americans (verbal IQ 142(U.S. norms)) but he draws bad conclusions on social issues. He thinks Michael Jackson was innocent and has yet to progress beyond Chomsky talking points when it comes to U.S. foreign policy.

Estimated social IQ? 104 (slightly above the U.S. average)

Estimated overall IQ? About 128 (higher than 97% of America).

Of course that’s very rough because as a listener I can only observe his verbal skills and social understanding, not the many other abilities that are also part of intelligence.

In my opinion he is bitter that his high IQ didn’t take him as far in life as he thought it would and is resentful of the patronizing praise he probably got from much less intelligent white frat boys in college. Unlike Obama (who he views as a closet homosexual), his high IQ probably made him more of a freak than a star, and so he rationalizes his modest success by viewing Obama and other black elites as tools for white supremacy,

Despite his flawed analysis, he’s an extremely talented broadcaster with a darkly entertaining exaggerated delivery, much like a comic book villain. In this episode he accuses Ocasio-Cortez of being an anti-black bigot: