I wasn’t going to post anything tonight, but I was searching through Netflix to find a good horror film and suddenly I noticed the title The Evolution of Us in the recently added section.

Since I love documentaries about evolution, I decided to click on it and the synopsis of the first two episodes came up.  Beside the description of episode two was the image of someone who looked exactly like Steve Hsu.  I clicked on episode two and started fast forwarding until the person appeared, and sure enough it was Steve Hsu being interviewed for this series.

I find it interesting how on Steve Hsu’s blog, he describes himself as “Physicist, Startup Founder, Blogger, Dad”.  So many people act like becoming a parent is their greatest accomplishment that it’s refreshing to see a parent who dares to mention that last.  Indeed it’s almost as if Steve’s listing his identities in order of intelligence.  Since being a physicist requires the most IQ, that’s listed first, but to quote Barack Obama, any fool can make a baby, so dad is listed last.