Back in 2016, I estimated that Trump had a genius verbal improvisational IQ of 140 but an arithmetic IQ of only 94 (average range).  This gave a composite score of perhaps 121 (borderline genius), but that composite score was not very reliable, since it was based on only two cognitive functions and there was such a huge gap between them.

Now I have evidence for a third cognitive function, long-term visual memory, and sadly, it will pull down the composite score quite a lot.

Apparently Trump doesn’t know the colours on the American flag.

How can he not know something this basic?  On page 513 of Wechsler’s Measurement and Appraisal of Adult Intelligence Fifth Edition, it’s reported that 100% of the the WAIS standardization sample in the 1950s passed this item.  Perhaps in Trump’s age group it would be a little less, maybe 98%, but failing an item that 98% of his age group can pass would give an IQ of only 70, in long-term visual memory.

So my updated estimate of Trump’s IQ:

Verbal improvisation: 140

Arithmetic: 94

Long-term visual memory: 70

Full-Scale IQ: About 100

Of course I’m not a professional, so hopefully my estimate is wildly wrong and Trump is every bit as smart as the brilliant Chris Langan thinks,  because if he really does have only average intelligence, the neocons are going to take advantage and trick him into starting another war, which is not in his or America’s interests.  They already got him to rip up the Iran nuclear deal.