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A few random thoughts:

Where’s the bartender?

The other night I walked into a bar and there was no bartender in site to serve me.  Then a slightly overweight blond young woman stood up to go to the ladies room.

“I thought you were the bartender,” I told her, “cause you stood up just as I entered, I thought you were gona get me a drink”

“And I’m blonde too” she added with a laugh.

At the time I thought she meant blonds are sexy and thus more likely to get hired as bartender, so was flattered that I thought she was the bartender.

Then the actual bartender appeared: She was a 300 lb blond woman…

Friday the 13th

So Friday was Friday the 13th so naturally I went out to celebrate.  But sadly a lot of men seem to get off on being very abusive to women.  I saw a drunk white guy being abusive towards an arctic woman.  He had told her she had no choice but to stay at his apartment because no one else wanted her and then took her iphone and through it in the snow.

A bunch of us were watching from the window inside the bar, debating what to do, when finally I said “I’ll go talk to him.”

“No don’t do that” warned a co-worker. “He’s psycho”

“I smiled,” and like Mrs Voorhees from the original Friday the 13th, I replied, “I’m not afraid.”


When I went out there, I asked the arctic woman, “Is he bothering you?”

When she said “yes” I decided to pull the Dr. Huxtable father-figure shtick, even though he was only about five years younger than me (that’s how drunk I was).

“Son, I think you have a problem,” I told him gently, not wanting to anger someone so aggressive.  “And you need to talk someone about it.  Maybe talk to a friend or councillor of some kind.  And if none of them that works, you can always come here,” I said, referring to the bar.



Another Jordan Peterson video

Talks about how there are no jobs for people below 85 IQ and claims even a lot of lawyers will be out of work soon.

Most interesting thing he says is that people below IQ 80 take tens of hours to learn how to do a job most of his psychology students could learn in 10 minutes.  This is consistent with the theory once proposed by a member of Prometheus that complex learning/problem solving speed doubles every 5 or 10 IQ points.

On the other hand, why does research show that total vocabulary is normally distributed?  High verbal IQ people don’t have vocabs orders of magnitude greater than low verbal IQ people.  Maybe there just aren’t enough common words for such a pattern to emerge?