It seems Donald Trump’s base is largely composed of two largely  opposing groups: the pro-Israel far-right and the anti-Semitic alt-right, with each side hoping Trump was playing the other and secretly being on their side. Below is a video of Trump responding to an anti-Israel question:

But with Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, we’ve seen the clearest test yet of where Trump actually stands.  A friend was in America’s most pro-Israel city, New York, when Trump made his announcement and was worried about all the traffic jams from people going out to bars to celebrate.  He felt he needed to get back to his hotel room immediately because the city was about to go into a state of euphoria.

Donald Trump–keeper of promises gushed the normally anti-trump CNN.

Hard-core New Yorker Lion of the Blogosphere was deliriously happy, gushing:

This is the most pro-Israel thing that any U.S. President has ever done. Only Trump could have done this. Any other president would be too afraid of the State Department establishment, too afraid of the changing the status quo to do what’s right.

What have the Palestinians ever done to merit NOT moving the embassy to Jerusalem? Absolutely nothing.

Does Lion honestly believe America’s  elite (including the state department) is not pro-Israel?  In the comment section he writes:

Prole white gentiles love Israel a lot more than self-hating Jewish liberal elites.

Lion is claiming  America’s foreign policy is pro-Israel in spite of its Jewish elite, not because of it.  I don’t know if Lion actually believes this, but elite media always claims the U.S. is pro-Israel because of Christian evangelicals, and not because of Jewish influence.  I doubt America’s liberal Jewish elite is anywhere near as self-hating as Lion claims, though that doesn’t necessarily mean they all support Israel, or think Trump’s move is good for Israel if they do.

But I do agree with Lion that a lot of gentile proles love Israel, and I think this is part of the negative correlation between IQ and conservatism (which I define as supporting the power structure).

Within each race, lower IQ people tend to oppose the underdogs (blacks, gays, Hispanics, women, Palestinians, the poor, wild life) while high IQ people  tend to oppose the powerful (men, Jews, Israel, the U.S. military, the U.S. president, bankers, billionaires, oil companies), which is ironic given that high IQ people are far more likely to be powerful themselves, but since Jews tend to have high IQs despite being pro-Israel on average, those Jews who are critical of Israel will tend to have freakishly high IQs (Chomsky) because the combination of belonging to two high IQ groups (Jewish and anti-Israel) with so little overlap is so rare.

By contrast Arabs tend to score low on IQ tests despite being anti-Israel, so a fanatically pro-Israel Palestinian would probably score freakishly low on a culture reduced IQ test because the odds of belonging to two almost mutually exclusive low IQ groups is so rare. We see a similar phenomenon with black conservatives in the U.S.

Meanwhile over at Steve Sailer’s blog, opinions on Trump’s Jerusalem move were mixed, but generally more cynical than at Lion’s blog.

Commenter Thomas wrote:

I can’t help but think this maneuver is driven at least in part by the special counsel probe. Trump had this in the desk drawer since the campaign, and with Flynn’s recent legal trouble arising from a back-channel diplomatic effort to help Israel out at the UN (while Obama threw them under the bus), Trump probably wants to fly the “Friend of Israel” flag high and proud right now.

Commenter syonredux wrote sarcastically:

…Frankly, people don’t understand just how much Trump hates the Jews…..I mean, would Hitler have forced his (hypothetical) daughter to convert to Judaism and marry a Jew? No, Hitler would never have gone that far in order to gull the Jews….but Trump did…Talk about a will of iron….

Commenter lavoisier said:

…This just shows the world that Donald Trump is Israel’s bitch. This is fine if the label only applied to him, but unfortunately it now applies to all Americans, even those like myself who are disgusted by this decision and do not support our unholy alliance with Israel.


Commenter International Jew said:

Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital reminds me of the outrage he caused on (I think) his first day in office, when he took a phone call from the president of Taiwan. Which he wasn’t supposed to do, because the red Chinese don’t want us to.

In both cases, Trump’s gesture amounted to a FU directed “to whom it may concern”. Which, within reason, is a good policy inasmuch as it sends two signals: (1) that he lives in the world of the real, not the make-believe, and (2) that he’s nobody’s bitch. (Letting others dictate who you talk to, and what words you may use, qualifies you as their bitch, par excellence.)…

The most terrifying comment of all came from Brabantian who wrote:

Unz’s own Israel Shamir, hints at an opposite ‘anti-Semitic’ interpretation of this Trump move … as a very clever anti-Israeli & anti-Jewish-lobby wrecking ball, using Israel’s own over-reaching desires to ruin it, as a couple of commenters above also suggest.

On this view, Trump’s gambit with Israel is to pretend to give them what they want, Jerusalem as the capital, annexing more of the West Bank etc … Jewish over-reach will provoke such a huuge reaction, that the world community will more quickly move to declare racial-law Israel an apartheid state, and isolate it as a pariah, so that even in the USA Jewish influence will implode, to Trump’s secret pleasure.

This argument is that Trump, precisely because he has always had to adapt to a Jewish mentality, having spent his entire career amidst it, from his earliest days with Meyer Lansky’s friend Roy Cohn, is quite weary of Jewish power and wishes to bring Jewish influence to heel.

A related idea is that Trump is shaking the table in order to let the mid-east dominoes fall into conflict, Israel with its neighbours & the various Muslim factions & communities against each other, ultimately buttressing his anti-immigration, ring-fence-the-Anglo-culture positioning, as the world watches mid-East nations fire up deadly major conflict out of what increasingly seems to be their inner nature.

The theory is that Trump is lighting up the mid-East on purpose, as the best tool he has to demolish both Jewish influence, and the Islamist-fellow-traveller fake progressives in the West.