I’ve long been curious about the IQs of black Republicans because blackness and conservatism are both negatively correlated with IQ, and yet blackness and conservatism are strongly negatively correlated with one another. It’s kind of rare when you get two variables that both correlate with a third variable in the same direction being negatively correlated with one another. I don’t have much data on black Republican IQ, but one might make an educated guess.

In 2004, 11% of African Americans voted Republican suggesting the average black Republican was more conservative than 95% of African Americans or 1.67 standard deviations more conservative.

Now in whites, the correlation between IQ and conservatism is probably around -0.3. If we make the assumption it’s also -0.3 in blacks (which is very speculative because the correlation might be positive in blacks) then we would expect black Republicans to have IQs that are -0.3(1.67 SD) = -0.5 SD from the black mean of about 85. In other words, we would expect black Republicans to have an average IQ of around 78.

Is it possible that black Republicans could have such low IQs? If one thinks of politics as kind of an IQ test where liberalism is the correct answer and conservatism is the wrong answer, then the test is biased in favour of blacks because blacks are socialized from a very early age to believe that Republicans are evil. So if inspite of all this social and cultural training and pressure to vote “correctly”, and despite it being in their ethnic genetic interests (if you believe in those) to vote correctly, they still get the wrong answer, that might indicate especially low IQ.

Evidence of the low IQ of black Republicans comes from the fact that even their best and brightest might not be especially smart. For example Condi Rice has claimed that her high school guidance counselor told her that her preliminary SAT scores indicated she wasn’t college material (implying an IQ below 115?), though in fairness, Condi also claimed she’s not a good test taker, was sick during the test, and she probably took the test young, given her childhood precocity (she graduated high school young and as a toddler she scored high on an IQ test).

A second example is Colin Powell who very stupidly allowed himself to become the face of the unpopular Iraq war, even though the ultra high IQ neocon liberal intelligentsia in academia, think tanks and media were the ones who actually conceived it and so desperately needed it, but they were smart enough to hide in the shadows as Powell, Bush and Cheney became the fall guys.

A third example is Clarence Thomas who you would expect to be brilliant given that he attended Yale law school and sits on the supreme court, and yet liberals mock him for never speaking.

Supreme court judges are supposed to have spectacular verbal IQs, yet this man’s claim to fame is never saying a word, like the silent retarded Jason from the Friday the 13th movies.

It’s interesting to contrast him with Barack Obama since both men attended the best law schools and then rose to positions of extreme power, but while Obama displays signs of high IQ (ligh skin, scrawny body build), Thomas has a dark more stocky muscular build.

White liberal women hate, hate HATE black conservatives, and years ago a couple of liberal white women tried to diminish Thomas by writing a biography claiming he was a poor student at Yale Law. However I saw black conservative Armstrong Williams on Phil Donahue’s brief cable show (circa 2003) deny that Thomas needed affirmative action at Yale because Thomas had better admission test scores than Bill Clinton (though I dismissed this as nonsense because how would he know).

One black conservative who might be extremely bright is Alan Keyes who is incredibly fluid on his feet, though he comes across as a little nutty: