Given the fact that modern humans evolved in sub-Saharan Africa, and given the fact that even people whose ancestors left Africa some 70,000 years ago (Andaman Islanders) look African, I have long believed that blacks are the oldest human race.  Indeed when word first spread in the late 1980s that all human mitochondrial DNA traced back to Africa, Newsweek portrayed the first modern humans as black.


Thus I was intrigued to learn about a 33,000 year old skeleton from Nazlet Khater, Upper Egypt that “displays Negroid characteristics”.

A landmark study published in the year 2000 concluded:

it is possible that the Nazlet Khater specimen is part of a relict population of this proto-Khoisan Negro stock which extended as far north as Nazlet Khater at least until the late part of the Late Pleistocene.

The black race is extremely ancient.