A few years ago I came up with the theory that East Asians, despite being arguably the smartest and most evolved of the macro-races, are also arguably the most autistic.  Thus you might expect them to be easily manipulated by the U.S. media into increasing immigration, as so many European countries have been.

My fellow celeb Steve Sailer (Hi Steve!) has an article about the pressure Japan is coming under to accept more immigrants,  however so far I doubt they’re falling for it.

It seems big brained East Asians really are highly evolved, in that they not only have the book smarts to ace the SAT, but street smarts to not fall for the immigration con.  It seems you need a big brain to make room for both book smarts and street smarts.  Or maybe it’s not cognitive superiority that allows East Asians to eschew immigration, but moral inferiority ( a lack of emotional empathy?).

But sadly, I worry that their superior intelligence will cause North Korea to become a nuclear threat to the Western North America since I have family on the West Coast.