In his controversial book Race, Evolution and Behavior, J.P. Rushton cites neoconservative Bernard Lewis, arguably the most influential person of the early 21st century, when describing black-Arab historical relations:

Lewis (1990) examined Arabic relations to blacks with whom the Muslims had dealt as slave traders for over 1,000 years.  Although the Koran stated there were no superior or inferior races, and therefore no bar to interracial marriage, in practice this pious doctrine was disregarded.  Arabs did not want their daughters to marry even hybridized blacks.  The Ethiopians were the most respected, the “Zanj” (Bantu and other Negroid tribes from East and West Africa south of the Sahara) the least respected, with Nubians occupying an intermediate position.

It makes sense that East/Horn Africans would be the most respected because they are the most Caucasoid looking, as well as very gracile.  Because of race mixing, about 40% of Ethiopian ancestry comes not from black Africa, but from West Asia, but I have to wonder, what came first: the Caucasoid admixture or the Caucasoid appearance which caused Caucasoids to respect them enough to mix?

This group of Ethiopian boys, despite having black skin and Negroid hair, are extremely Caucasoid in their facial skeletal traits:


Is this because they have 40% Caucasoid ancestry from the Middle East, or is it possible these boys are pure black, and incipient Caucasoid traits are actually indigenous to East Africa?   Could unmixed Ethiopians be the “missing link” as proto-Negroids evolved into proto-Caucasoids?

If these boys are mixed, why is their skin so dark?  Normally hybrids are not 100% Negroid in skin colour and 100% Caucasoid in facial traits, they’re in between Caucasoids and Negroids on both traits.

An alternative theory is that they are mixed and that they are descended from hybrids, but the hybrids were then selected for skin as dark as other Africans’ to survive the sub-Saharan sun.

I think it’s absolutely fascinating that the World’s first black decabillionaire, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali AlAmoudi,  was not technically black at all, but a Semitic looking man with an Ethiopian mother and Arab father.

al amoudi.PNG

In addition the first black to become the most powerful person on Earth, was the son of an East African father and white mother.


It seems even in modern times, blacks from East Africa achieve the most wealth, power and status, especially if they’re hybridized.