Three years ago when I started HBD blogging I was nobody, a mere celebrity gossiping oddball, with a geeky interest in statistics.

Today I am a celebrity myself.

As of this moment in time, I am almost certainly the #1 blogger in the HBD-o-spere as readership spiked nearly 1000% in one night:


It seems marvellously symbolic that the new king of the HBD-o-sphere has an absolutely breathtaking IQ.  After adjusting for old norms, my childhood score on the WISC-R is a dizzying 135, making almost certainly the smartest blogger in the HBD-o-sphere, with the possible exception of Robert Lindsay, Hsu, the Lion, and of course the man who paved the way for us all: Steve Sailer.

To quote my late hero, Forbes magazine journalist Daniel Seligman:

The connection between IQ and achievement has one positive implication.  People who are at the top in American life, are probably there because they’re more intelligent than the rest of us, which is doubtless the way most of us think it should be.