The World’s 72 best looking women as voted on by the internet at



The World’s 72 best looking men as voted on by the internet:



Racial break down

According to the not very accurate pie chart below, whites are only 16% of all humans, and yet they are 46% of the most beautiful women and 50% of the most attractive men. From here we can assign white women a beauty score of 288, meaning they produce 288% as many gorgeous people as expected for their population size, while white men have a beauty score of 313.


Below are rough beauty scores for all race and gender groups:

White men 313

White women 288

East Asian men: 112

Southeast Asian women: 100

East Asian women: 72

Dark Caucasoid women: 72

Dark Caucasoid men: 72

Latino women: 13

Black women: 7

Latino men: 0

Southeast Asian men: 0

Black men: 0