Although HBDers deny that they believe some races are superior to others, their critics claim that they do, and in this case, the critics are correct.  J.P. Rushton argued that there was an Oriental > White > Black hierarchy partly caused by the time period when each of the three races branched off the main trunk of the human evolutionary tree: Negroids branched off first and thus were considered genetically primitive, while Mongoloids branched off last and were deemed new and improved.

“One theoretical possibility” said Rushton “is that evolution is progressive, and some populations are more advanced than others.”

The notion of progress seems to imply superiority.

But if the evolution of racial differences was as progressive as Rushton implies, we might not only expect “more advanced” races to be smarter, but more beautiful too.  This might even be true of plants where the highly evolved angiosperms are much more beautiful than the primitive slime molds.

I just had a mental image of all the people who think they understand evolution pulling their hair out at how ridiculous this sounds.

Here’s some 2014 data from OkCupid where people were asked to rate various race/gender combinations by how good looking they are.


The percentages show how attractive different demographics consider each other.  For example Asian women rate Asian men +24% and rate black men -27% meaning they think Asian guys are 24% more attractive than the average guy, but consider black guys 24% less attractive than the average guy.  However black men do much better with black women, who consider them 23% more attractive than average.  Unfortunately black men don’t return the favour, ranking black women only 1% more attractive than the average women, while ranking Asian women 2% more attractive.

Averaging across demographics. Asian women are considered the most attractive by men in general, with a mean rating of +7.5%, followed by Latinas (I LOVE Latinas) who average 4.25%, followed by whites who average +1.75%, and lastly blacks who average -13.75%.  Sadly, these rankings confirm Rushton’s Oriental > white > black hierarchy.

However when it comes to men, whites are on top averaging +10.75, followed by Latinos +0.25%, followed by Asians -3.75% and lastly blacks -7%.

So why do Asians dominate among women but not among men?  If you believe in Rushton’s controversial theory, you might speculate  that women like a guy who is little more primitive than she is because primitive men are more muscular and aggressive and thus better protectors, but if he’s too much more primitive, women get scared and disgusted.

From this controversial perspective, women are willing to date guys who are one step below them on the evolutionary ladder, but not two.

Meanwhile, men don’t need to worry about being protected, so if they date outside their group, they just go for the best women they can find, and if you believe Rushton’s model, the best are East Asians.

I am reminded of my favorite love story Quest for Fire.  In that film, depicting humanity 80,000 years ago, a member of the advanced modern human tribe of East Africans (bottom right  in the above picture) had a crush on a caveman (top right), because he was just primitive enough to be more masculine than the scrawny guys in her highly evolved tribe, but she would have been terrified by the super manly Wogaboo man (left) from the most primitive tribe.