Since much of North America is in the grip of a freezing weekend, I thought it’d be a good time to share my hot chocolate recipe.  I kind of copied this from a cooking show on OWN Canada (don’t know the name), but simplified it and changed it.

I love to spend winter weekends holded up at my remote lake cottage in the woods, where I put on the fire and snuggle on the couch beneath a sea of blankets, and watch a classy horror film like The Dark Hours, or an Atom Egoyan style dark drama,  or a series of a dark themed series like Six Feet Under, on a huge screen high definition TV.

And of course I need my hot chocolate on the coffee table in front of me, but not just any hot chocolate will do.  If you truly want to live like me and be part of the upper crust of the upper class, you must make your own.

You start with two chocolate bars (100 g each):  One MINTED milk chocolate, the other MINTED DARK chocolate.



You then break it into pieces and put the pieces in your hot chocolate maker.  If you can’t afford one of these, just use a pot on a stove.


Then add a cup of milk and a cup of cream (or 2 cups of half and half if you’re clever).


Then heat and mix


Until it looks like this.




A wonderful desert on a cold winter night, like tonight.