Apparently when I complained about the Facts of Life IQ episode going missing from Youtube on my blog yesterday, people in high places noticed because the show has been returned:

I got the most beautiful email this morning apologizing, saying they had no idea someone as important as me was watching, and they’re so honored to have me as a fan.  I’ve printed out the email and framed it.

I’m even being sent the complete series on DVD, a poster signed by all the stars of the show, and vintage Facts of Life T-shirts.  They don’t know what size I take, so get this.  They’re sending me one in:




Not to brag, but I am Pumpkin Person.

Meanwhile here’s vintage opening theme song from the The Facts of Life.  What I love about the opening is Charlotte Rae (who played wise den mother Mrs Garrett) sings a line in the theme song itself in her loveable cackling voice, and that line is heard as her character is on screen smiling (excellent editing!)

When your books are what you’re there about

But looks are what you care about

The time is right

To learn the Facts of Life

See 0:47 in the video below:

I was so touched by the level of respect I’ve been shown that I spent the afternoon watching The Facts of Life reunion TV movie from 2001.  It was pretty cheesy in that warm fuzzy way we expect from TV chick flicks, but it was great seeing  the girls we grew up watching blossom into beautiful adult women.

Blair played by Lisa Whelchel is predictably married to some Ken doll rich guy.

Natalie, played by Mindy Cohn has grown up to be a successful journalist obsessively pursued by two good looking guys (You Go Girl!)

Tootie (aka Dorthy) played by Kim Fields has blossomed into a truly gorgeous black woman, and is working as a talk show host and aspiring actress.