I normally don’t like to make too many posts in one day, but I felt this comment by black national merit finalist ruhkukah captured this historic moment so well it deserved to be highlighted:

I saw Trump’s victory coming. I mean, I wasn’t 100% sure, but it made sense to me. I figured there was no way the polls would be completely accurate, given that a lot of whites wouldn’t admit to voting for Trump. And given increasing racial tension/resentment/partisanship, Trump’s election makes sense. Because ultimately this isn’t about Trump, but about the issues he brought into focus (political correctness, white working class resentment, the national/global elite).

I just checked my Facebook feed. Pretty everyone on both sides of my family is despondent, except for my one crazy uncle who went for Trump. Most of the minority people I’m friends with on Facebook (a lot of Asian and South American immigrants) are despondent, too. One white liberal friend of mine says they might be leaving for Canada or going to therapy.

What this means for the future, I don’t know. As a black man, I don’t think my day-to-day life will change. I am actually somewhat excited about a Trump presidency. I hope he does reduce immigration and fix our trade deals.

Will this election open up further discussion of racial/gender/class taboos, particular those regarding IQ and genetics? Probably, and that’s only a good thing, because instead of people talking about such taboos in a furtive manner on blogs like this one, people can have an adult conversation, face-to-face, and acknowledge what most people already accept, on some level. Enough of this political correctness BS which creates more anger and resentment from all sides.

More extreme outcomes of this election may be reversal of Obama’s policies (as Pumpkin mentioned, and very possible), the actual building of a wall (which I think is somewhat unlikely), more policing in urban neighborhoods (possible), and increased conflict with other nations (likely, not actual wars though).

Domestically, could this lead to an up-rising of white nationalists/supremacists? Who knows. I don’t think most whites are that angry….yet. Although it has emboldened people like David Duke. I don’t foresee a return of Jim Crow or a race war, but do think race relations will change somewhat in a way most people are not predicting…

Well, after ending on that ominous note, I’m glad you’re taking off moderation Pumpkin!

I had also thought of ruhkukah’s point about whites not wanting to admit to pollsters they supported Trump, as this is a variant of the well known Bradley effect, named after African American mayor Tom Bradley, who lost the 1982 California governor’s race despite being ahead in the polls, because whites lied to pollsters about supporting him, out of fear of looking racist.

However no Bradley effect appeared to distort Barack Obama’s election results, so I kind of figured that was largely a thing of the past.  I guess I was wrong, or perhaps the problem with the polls had more to do with identifying “likely voters” in such an unpredictable election than it had to do with a Bradley effect.  It will be fascinating to see the analysis of why the polling went awry.

Speaking of poignant black reactions to Trump’s victory, CNN’s Van Jones had a great moment last night.  This brought a tear to my eye: