Early Tuesday morning I checked Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll and it had Clinton at 45% and Trump at 43%, and I thought, if even a poll as Trump friendly as Rasmussen had him losing to Clinton right before the election, it’s unlikely he will win.  I knew that he would turnout the white working class more than most polls predicted, but with changing demographics, I didn’t think there’d be enough of them for him to win.  I also figured they’d be negated by huge turnout in the Hispanic community.

But I guess the tie breaker was blacks, who probably turned out at much lower levels than they had for Obama.

Trump must be so incredibly happy.  One Trump expert on TV was saying that a lot of Trump’s rhetoric against the elite stemmed from the fact that he was never truly accepted by other rich people, who looked down on him for being a philistine.  Perhaps his constant boasting about his wealth and elite education was not just savvy marketing, but an attempt to prove himself worthy.

Well tonight Trump took his revenge by rising to a level of power, far above other elites. Mark Cuban and Michael Bloomberg must be pulling their hair out in jealousy.

On The O’reilly Factor, Geraldo Rivera suggested that Trump ran for President as revenge for Barack Obama “humiliating” him at the white house correspondence dinner.

Trump has made them all eat humble pie.

His ego is going to be worse than ever, since he’s proved all the pollsters, politicians and pundits wrong,  without any political experience whatsoever.

I just hoping he doesn’t destroy the legacy of the first black President by killing what some consider his greatest accomplishments: The Iran nuclear deal (which some feel prevented WWIII) and Obamacare.

Meanwhile one can’t help but feel sorry for Hillary.  All her life, she had largely one goal: become the First woman president.  She tolerated the humiliation of her husband’s affairs and even lowered herself to taking orders from Obama for 4 years (the freshman senator who dethroned her) all in an effort to reach that life long prize, and just when  she had it in her grasp, it was taken from her again.

Just goes to show that no matter how smart you are, the Presidency is not really something you can strategize your way to decades in the future.  You just have to be the right person for the right time, and smart enough to recognize it, and not screw it up.

It also shows regression to the mean.  For the Clintons to have reached the white house even once was an incredibly rare achievement, akin to winning a massive lottery, so to expect to be able to repeat that, is really pushing your luck.