Those of us in the HBD blogosphere can sometimes get trapped in our little bubble, and lose touch with what mainstream science thinks about genes and intelligence.

When I was in high school (I’m now in my thirties) I asked a biology teacher if he thought intelligence was genetic and I will never ever forget his response.

“Is this loaded question?” he said with a laugh.

“No,” I replied.

“I believe certain intellectual abilities are genetic, like being good or bad at math, being able to grasp concepts, or having a good or bad memory.”

Teachers know intelligence is a hardwired physical property of the human head because they can see it.  I remember in my grade nine math, I overheard our teacher gushing that a South Asian girl had solved a certain geometry problem.

“Very impressive,” he said in his Quebec accent.  “There are only two people in this class who can answer that question.  You and Veemo” he said, pointing to the South Asian boy in the class.

“You either have the brain to do it or you don’t,” he said.

Although dark caucasoids tend to have IQs below the white mean, Canada got a loft of the best and brightest Third World immigrants (at least in those days) and it’s rumoured in HBD circles that some Indian castes have high IQs.

Meanwhile there was this pale skinned red head in the class who struggled so much to grasp the math.  Everyday most of the teacher’s time was monopolized personally tutoring her on the most basic of concepts and she always had this look of complete bewilderment.  It was like there was some physical biological genetic block, preventing the concepts from being grasped.

I’m reminded of this brilliant metaphor for intelligence by scholar Douglas Detterman:

 a traffic jam. All the modules of the brain have to go through a central hub, and the poorer the connection the lower the intelligence.

At the deepest level of analysis, mental abilities are PHYSICAL abilities.

Genetic abilities.

Several years later we would discover that the red-headed girl was pregnant and the father was black.  When she announced this a black classmate went hysterical, screaming:


A bunch of classmates held him back, racistly assuming he was depraved enough to attack her unborn baby.

He couldn’t stand the thought of her stupidity being passed down to another generation and because her child would be half black, people would blame its low IQ on black genes, not knowing it came from the pale Nordic white mother.