I was very pleased to see Trump and Obama strike a conciliatory tone this afternoon, with Trump calling Obama a good man, and saying he looks forward to seeking his council many, many times in the future.


Trump WORSHIPS Oprah so we know, deep down he’s a good person, and he will not want to undermine Oprah’s legacy, by destroying all the accomplishments of the man she was so instrumental in electing, but more importantly, Trump wants to unite the country, and what better way to do that, than by showing the first black President some respect.

Sadly, a lot of people were disgusted by thought of an Ivy League black man arrogantly strutting around the white house for 8 years, so perhaps Trump felt compelled to put Obama in his place by questioning his citizenship and admission to Ivy League schools, but now that Obama has been humbled, and Trump’s huge ego has been fed, he can admire Obama for his historic accomplishments.

However one of Obama’s goals was putting distance between America and the policy’s of Israel’s Likud party.

Not that Obama’s anti-Semitic. He loves the Jewish people, and so many of them love him and worked to elect him, but at the same time, Obama wanted to send a message to the World, especially the anti-Israel segment of the Arab world, that the U.S. is not Netanyahu’s puppet.

However Netanyahu hated Obama for this, and wants to convince Americans that Israel and the U.S. are two sides of the same coin, so he’s wasted no time in reaching out to Trump, calling him a friend, and Trump is being pressured to side completely with Israel against the Palestinians.

Meanwhile Trump’s beautiful and articulate daughter Ivanka is caught in the middle.  On the one hand, her husband Jared Kushner is  Jewish and like ambitious men of any race, he probably wants a powerful position in the Trump cabinet, and her children are half-Jewish so siding with Israel is in their ethnic genetic interests.

Kushner and Ivanka Trump pose at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit celebrating the opening of "American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity" in New York

On the other hand, she loves her dad more than life itself, and doesn’t want him to be seen as a puppet the way George W. Bush was.

But, although Trump can be ignorant about some topics, he strikes me as far too shrewd to not understand Jewish politics, especially after spending decades in New York real-estate.  He is loved by both pro-Israel extremists and anti-Semitic white nationalists  and has pandered to both on more than one occasion.