A former commenter tried to post a comment saying my blog was worth only $4 a month.  Well that’s strange, I thought, so I took a look at the source and I was STUNNED!


It actually says this blog is worth $4 THOUSAND a month!  And since blogs are probably valued at ten times monthly profits (though these are hypothetical profits), it suggests my blog is worth $40 THOUSAND!

To put that in perspective, I decided to compare my blog to the Lion of the Blogosphere which I like quite a bit.  His blog could earn $305 a month, suggesting a value of just over $3 K.


You know you’re brilliant when you’re more than ten times richer than an Ivy League New York Jew!

Of course I’m being facetious.  I have no idea how accurate this web site is, and other sources I’ve looked at in the past indicate the Lion’s readership is twice that of mine.  And of course the Lion is partly responsible for my success, since he generously promoted me on his blog and put me on his blog roll.

And of course, both of us are way behind Unz.com, who enjoy such luminaries as Steve Sailer (the man who paved the way for us ALL) and of course the fabulous Anatoly Karlin.


One indication that these numbers might be somewhat accurate is that the Huffington Post’s earning are $31 million, suggesting they’re worth $310 million, and indeed that blog was sold for $315 million.


Of course the Huffington Post’s content is more advertiser friendly than my blog is, but the rise of Trump suggests the culture is starting to rebel against political correctness, and smart advertisers might adapt.