For years I’ve allowed almost all of you to comment freely with very little moderation.  That caused you to get into long drawn out arguments, forcing some of you to visit the blog every 5 minutes to write rebuttals.  That was great for the value of this blog because the number of hits would skyrocket with all your repeat visits all day long, but it’s not so good for you, because you’re wasting your lives getting addicted to the internet when you could be doing far more productive things with your time.

I don’t want my blog (which is technically an increasingly valuable brand) to profit at your expense, so I’m going to move to a system where comments are moderated, and only get released from moderation a few times a day at the most.

At first you will hate this because you’re used to immediate chat room speed,  but in the long run, you’ll be much happier, because you wont stay up all night quibbling with people, nor will you feel the compulsion to check the blog obsessively.

As the speed of commenting goes down, I suspect, so will the number of comments, but we’ll have more time to REFLECT on each other’s comments,  and truly understand each other’s point of view, which will reduce endless pointless debates and perhaps improve the quality of discourse, not to mention, the quality of our lives.