This should be Trump’s theme song since he claims to be the populist candidate, standing up for the working class, and using Tracy Chapman would help him with the black vote to boot:

God I love Tracy Chapman. I’ve always loved her. Black people make the best rhythm music.  This has been known since the Arab slave trade and remains obvious today.  Even scholar J.P. Rushton made this point in his book, saying African American rhythm music has conquered adolescent populations from Toronto to Tokyo.

Even though there was enormous racism against blacks among what Rushton considered, the more highly advanced populations of Northeast Asia, they had no choice but to worship black music icons because the rhythm was so good. I suggested to Rushton that black rhythm music might be an evolved adaption for getting mates, consistent with his theory that blacks were the most sexual race.

Hate to brag but he loved my idea, calling it very clever, and wishing he had put in his book.  High praise indeed from the Darwin of the 20th century.

I feel the U.S. is headed for the kind of revolution Chapman sings about, or some kind of major political realignment.  When even far left (by U.S. standards) Michael Moore is praising Donald Trump:

Of course Moore has always been politically unpredictable, famously begging Oprah to run for President in 2004 because she was one of the only major U.S. media figures to jump off the pro-Iraq war bandwagon before the war began and then later letting Moore protest the war on her show 48 hours before it officially started.

Other evidence of a political realignment includes left-wing Cenk Uygur interviewing right-wing Dick Morris, and being stunned about how much they agree on.  The interview is well worth watching.  Morris’s incredible intelligence just shines right through.

Morris lost a lot of credibility as a political expert when he was spectacularly wrong about who would win the 2008 presidential election causing Fox news to fire him.  But I believe he was not really trying to predict the election, so much as he was trying to influence it.  He knew darn well, in my opinion, that Romney was unlikely to win in a land slide, but he predicted it anyway, hoping it would generate enthusiasm and become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Morris also seems disingenuous when he tells Cenk that he screwed up by opposing the Iraq war.  I don’t think so.  I think he got exactly what he wanted out of that war, or at least his genes did. Cenk is also disingenuous when he acts like he opposed the Iraq war out of loyalty to America.  Yes, both of these men are loyal to America, but they’re also subconsciously both worried about their respective ethnic genetic interests in the Arab-Jewish middle eastern conflict.  Why can’t people be honest?

To quote the FABULOUS Tracy Chapman:

Some say the devil be a mystical thing

I say the devil, he a walking man

He a fool, he a liar, a conman and a thief

Try to tell you what you want, try to tell you what you need