Chat GPT 4 recently took the SAT and scored 710 verbal and 690 math, for a combined score of 1400. This equates to a verbal IQ of 126, a math IQ of 126 and a full-scale IQ of 124 respectively (U.S. norms). If we took this score at face value we would have to believe that Chat GPT 4 is smarter than 95% of Americans, and roughly as intelligent as the average PhD, medical doctor or lawyer.

But is giving an IQ test to Chat GPT a valid exercise or a huge category error?

I typed the question “is char gpt intelligent?” into youtube hoping to find some cogent arguments. One philosopher said that although chat gpt can write in many genres, it is not intelligent because these genres are all made by humans. But by that logic the greatest human writers are not intelligent either since they seldom created their own genre.

I found a rabbi who said chat gpt lacked human intelligence because it has no free will. It just does what it’s programmed to do. But humans just do what we’re programmed to do too. Yes we humans do what we want, but what we want is determined by genetic and environmental factors we did not intend so we have no more agency than chat gpt does, we’re just dumb enough to think we do.

Finally I discovered a genetically superior youtube personality and he provided clarity (see video below). Basically, the human mind spends its first 5 years in unstructured learning, where we listen to our parents talk and then try to understand the language by noting patterns. We then spend the next 12 years in school where we get supervised learning with formal feedback (exam scores, grades) and only then are we ready to take the SAT at age 17.

Now Chat GPT is similar in that it had an unsupervised period of 6 months where it pretty much read the entire internet, looking for verbal patterns. Then it spent a year getting formal training in the form of feedback from judges who told it whether its answers were right or wrong.

Now you might think a full-scale IQ of 124 underestimates chat GPT because it took the SAT after 1.5 years of total learning while Americans take it after 17 years of learning. Maybe we need to multiply 124 by 17/1.5 which gives Chat GPT an IQ of 1,405!

Not so fast! Because the amount of learning chat GPT was exposed to in those 1.5 years far exceeds what humans are exposed to. For starters, during the informal period, Chat GPT was likely exposed to something around 630 billion words! By contrast during the informal period (before school) the average American hears about 169,520 words. A ratio of 3.72 million to one!

So let’s divide that 1,405 IQ by 3.72 million which gives an IQ close to zero. And that’s before we divide for the fact that ChatGPT had thousands and thousands of trainers during its formal period while the average human only has one teacher at a time during his school years.

It may seem extreme to say a technology as revolutionary as ChateGPT has an IQ of zero and we may never know the true figure until we get a really apple to apples comparison. Put a completely untrained ChatGPT into the cranium of a robotic baby raised by middle class parents and have it programmed to learn based on positive human feedback just like real babies do. When it gets older, give it the robotic body of a larger child and have it attend school just like real kids do, and at age 17 take the SAT.

Sadly, if forced to learn like humans do, Chat GPT would likely be placed in a class for the mentally retarded, and never even be given a chance to take the SAT.