Just when I had given up on Jimmy Dore, he redeems himself by interviewing the BRILLIANT and BRAVE Whitney Webb.

I’ve been singing this girl’s praises since before it was cool and it’s great to see the rest of the internet finally catching on.

In an age where legacy media only tells half the story, and social media is is teaming with QAnon crap, Webb is one of the most important journalists on the planet. She asks the questions legacy media wont dare ask, but has the intelligence, critical thinking, and research skills to find actual answers.

Interestingly, this is now the second interview where she name checks Bob Rubin (who one of our commenters has claimed is a major power player).

See 31 minute mark.

One thing I like about Webb is she doesn’t just focus on Epstein’s sex crimes, but also looks into financial and foreign policy impact. Apparently he was a financial bounty hunter, helping the super rich hide stolen money and also helping their victims recover it.

My guess is Epstein’s IQ was around 145. Smart enough to entertain Bill Gates (IQ 170), yet still dumb enough to relate to Trump (IQ 120?).