There is a distinction between what is naturally selected and what is mind selected. That which survives survives. It is a tautology and therefore true. That which exists exists.

rr redefines what fitness is. Fitness is fitting. The environment has vacumes where organisms can survive in. The best fit survives. If it does not fit it does not survive. Fitness does not mean superior. Cavefish are blind yet they fit into their environment. If it fits it fits otherwise it does not fit and dies before reproduction.

The problem with deductionists like rr is they redefine words so that their arguments are always correct. (like fitness and selection)

balls are square.
a basketballs is round, not square.
therefore a basketball is not a ball.

see what I mean?

Deductionists play word games using logic because that is their psychology. F*** evidence and common sense. In their minds validity is above soundness.

Minds do not select organisms. Organisms either fit or don’t fit. Reproduce or don’t reproduce. That is natural selection as defined by Darwin. Variation either helps hinders or is neutral to fitness. It is why you find cacti in the desert but not in the artic. It is why whales but not sharks live in the arctic surface waters. Warm-blooded animals can fit in more places than cold-blooded animals and that is why you find them there.

Redefining words is helpful for winning arguments but it is not science.

Minds as defined by rr is immaterial. (cannot solve material problems/abstract problems because it cannot touch them physically)

Minds, as defined by science, is a problem-solving mechanism innate in the brain. Both abstract and concrete. You can touch problems physically. (interact with them physically)

Phycology is the same. Take cocaine or weed and tell me that is not a physical reaction you are experiencing. The ADHD meds they gave me along with the antipsychotic and seizure meds physically changed my brain so I no longer have anxiety.

Deductionists will tell you that the physical and mental are separate by redefining words but in all reality, their psychology is very much the result of the orientation of their psychic energy (libido). Energy is physical so in reality their energy flows in the direction which causes them to be deductionists in the first place. Well, the opposite flow causes others to be inductionists.

When you realize that the psychology of mind is simply the direction energy flows in the brain system then you understand why people are different. It is these differences that characterize a person’s psychology because they can be observed and are not the results of unobservable immaterial substances.

If I poke your Amygdala in the right spot you will become angry, in another spot happy. Rats that have been genetically engineered to have human glucose metabolites outperform non-engineered rats in rat intelligence tests.

A human brain is a causal model of reality that simulates a hypothesis of what is possible and then selects the option that is most beneficial to it. This requires nothing immaterial. What it does require are the frontal lobes to inhibit wrong actions and to have a backup plan. And to monitor if both plans (the current plan and backup) meet the criteria for achieving the goal. If something does not work try something else in accordance with how you know reality works.

Mate selection in humans works by humans seeing desirable traits in their mates. Again these are observable, not immaterial. So what is desirable? What helps you survive. A conscious selection is still based on a judgment so by the design of the brain (its pattern) selection will occur based on how well a brain is able to judge survival qualities. For example, a k-selected person will select a k-selected person to mate with and reject an r-selected individual. Their brain is designed to favor this difference. Not designed by “God” but by their genes that shape the structure of their brain.

Looking at what this all means is that different brains direct energy in different ways. This is an attention mechanism. The attention mechanism shapes how we build our causal model of reality. Because attention can be structured differently so to patterns, in reality, can be understood better or worse by the structures that accommodate them. Such is when mental manipulation occurs. The ability to abstract is a structure that coordinates with itself to simplify what a pattern means in relation to other patterns. The symbol is the ultimate abstractor. In language, we use signs to signify the meaning of something else. Together the human brain’s mechanisms of attention abstract patterns in such a way as to find new meaning.

Meaning as such is the attention we place on patterns based on brain structure. Intelligence in humans and creatures beyond the human is more than shallow quantities but is in the abstract nature of meaning lower concrete systems cannot understand and are blind to because they lack the attention mechanism that would generate a causal model of those abstractions.

In conclusion, it is brain structure that directs attention. And Intelligence is based on modeling reality with its brain structure.