So 2023 began with the death of legendary broadcaster Barbara Walters who passed away quietly in her posh New York apartment at the freakishly old age of 93, on Dec 30, 2022

As the first woman to co-anchor the network news, she is praised as a trailblazer for women in broadcasting as she clawed her way to the absolute top of the New York elite. Like George Soros and Allan Greenspan, she’s part of the generation of American Jews who replaced the WASPs as the ruling class.

Fellow Jew David Wechsler would have been a kid in a candy store testing Walters. Despite a speech impediment perhaps genetic (her greatest secret was a retarded sister), she would have scored high as a kite on Verbal IQ especially Comprehension subtest (she had insight & wisdom) but she would have scored perhaps low on Performance IQ thanks to her sister’s genes.

Jackie’s genes

Before retiring from TV, the ladies of The View, the show she created, honoured her historic career. Even though she was surprised by luminaries as great as Hillary Clinton, it wasn’t Oprah.

For wouldn’t it have been great to have been honoured by the most iconic worshipped, charismatic & most powerful woman on the planet.

wouldn’t it be nice to claim her as part of your legacy.

one can dream.

and then it happened. Out of the corner of the stage, the Queen of the World walked out to surprise Barbara

The crowd went wild & Barbara went into shock

Packing a 150 IQ, Oprah took over the show, shifting seamlessly from prepared speech to improvised dialogue without missing a beat. After generously plugging a network special on Barbara’s career, Oprah introduced a long line of women in media who each thanked Barbara for paving the way.

It was the most amazing tribute I have ever seen and virtually the last time Barbara would be seen. Like so many who live so long, she would be diagnosed with dementia but had enough intelligence to isolate herself in her gorgeous apartment, so that this special day would be the last thing we’d remember of her incredible life.

slowly her incredibly high verbal IQ would slip away as she found herself turning into her retarded sister Jackie,

oh sweet innocent Jackie

her only sibling….


her greatest secret…


Her greatest love and deepest shame


If only there were a God so the two sisters could reunite in Heaven

Barbara died peacefully in her sleep surrounded by loved ones..probably other women from New York’s Jewish community

In the end it’s your own people who have your back