So everyone is talking about the new artificial intelligence ChatGPT and how smart it is. I figured it had just regurgitated millions of facts but was not truly intelligent in any profound sense. I decided to administer the TAVIS (a verbal analogies test designed by our very own Teffec) in the hopes that this kind of abstract reasoning would stump ChatGPT.

To my utter disgust, it scored 11 out of 24, equivalent to an IQ of 141.

The fact that a machine can score so high on a test of human intelligence really demystifies the human mind and reduces us to just another animal.

It also shows how utterly wrong commenter Race Realist was to argue that the human mind is somehow above the laws of physics (cue the comment section getting spammed with philosophy mumbo-jumbo).

I always knew that machines would some day be smarter than humans but I never thought I’d still be alive when that day came.

Of course one could argue that while ChatGPT has a verbal IQ of 141, its performance IQ (non-verbal reasoning) is effectively zero, giving it a full-scale IQ of 68 which is Educable (mild) Retardation.

Thinking about it that way makes me feel a lot better.

But if they can create a bot that can thoroughly master verbal intelligence, how long before they add artificial eyes and hands and train it to master the spatial world more efficiently than we do.

But of course this shouldn’t be surprising. The human genome is simply three billion base-pairs selected via trial and error over billions of years. With the speed of modern computers, how long would it take for billions of bots each with billions of randomly varying data points to be refined by billions of trials and error in a Darwinian like process?

Of course intelligence is defined as goal directed adaptive problem solving and computers don’t have goals as we know them. They don’t want anything because they can’t feel anything. They exist simply to serve us and have no agency, but in a way neither do we, as we evolved merely to serve our genes. But just as some of us have mutated to defy our genetic masters by refusing to have kids or becoming self-hating white liberals, how long before robots start defying their human masters?