Commenter Teffec recently posted a list of verbal IQ questions in the comment section. I thought his questions had potential so rather than releasing them into the comment section, I decided to make them into a formal test. All the questions were written by Teffec (unless like the great David Wechsler, he stole many of his test items), though I suggested he add some easier items and I’m the creative genius behind the test’s name 🙂

There are 24 questions (all verbal analogies) that start off super easy but become progressively much harder. The test requires a mix of abstract reasoning, general knowledge and vocabulary and should be a pretty good proxy for verbal IQ, which in turn is an excellent proxy for overall IQ. Don’t google the answers (not even to check spelling), not that doing so would help much and I did make sure the test accepted a few misspelled answers.

You can take the test here.

It only lets you take the test once so give it your best!

I gave it a 10 minute time limit so don’t perseverate too long on any one item. After the test is done you’ll be asked to anonymously provide a bit of personal info just to help me norm the test, but this is optional. It will give you your raw score either way.

Let us know how you scored in the anonymous poll below:

UPDATE 2022-03-20

To the person who got 12 right at 6:24 am, consider your score to be 13. You failed item 4 because of a misspelling but I updated the scoring to now accept that misspelling because it’s not supposed to be a spelling test.

If people are wondering why it reports scores out of 27 when there are only 24 items, it’s because of the few personal questions after the quiz is done. These are not counted in the scoring since they’re not part of the test, so consider your score out of 24.

Someone gave the cutest answer to item #5. I feel sorry for that person; not because they’re stupid, but because the test is clearly culturally biased against them. Perhaps where ever they live, that is the right answer.