Philosopher tricked me. I thought he was 125 but if Mugabe is 160 pill said something where he gives away that he is 170.

phil thinks my Behavioral Shutdown Syndrome is clinical autism.

But there is a difference.

If I wasn’t “out of it” most f the time (sluggish) my score would reflect a much higher level. The genotype and phenotype uninfluenced by trauma.

Verbal 140
Spatial 130
Memory 95
Processing 100

it’s not exact but my genetic general intelligence (g) would be around 155. But I am understimulated, my nervous system does not reinforce itself. Fatigue and pain dominate my waking existence.

The wais 4 IQ test is not culture fair because I would get 150 on the information subtest if it was. This is because statistics are associative. It only measures the least common denominator of relationships in the US Iowa among 2,000 participants. White middle class. Poor people don’t read books, they lack access, so the test is biased. Blacks have smaller heads than whites so they cant plan as well. But then they give all their resources to social skills which diminishes their quant. Jews have high verbal but average everything else. East Asians have high spatial but average everything else. They have the greatest quant. Whites are average on all four.

So IQ is not measuring resource management but quant. It does not measure everything but associations that change from culture to culture. (g) is the ideal of all resource management but the asymmetry of the indexes means (g) is just of a savant nature. FSIQ is symmetrical in comparison. The symmetrical component without mental illness put me at 128 FSIQ. But the asymmetric utilization of all resources is (g) 155. Of the savant nature.

Specialization is a result of the savant nature. Pumpkin said an autist could have a toothpick or train IQ of 150 yet be 80 FSIQ. That is why g is more about the ability to specialize in anything rather than a narrow set of things. It is just that once it is set then the narrowing begins.

Quant is the fluid ability to manipulate data. It is a type of working memory. Verbal and spatial have it. Verbal is psychological because you must understand the intent of the words as what is being conveyed. Comprehension, not just memorization. Spatial is what is seen in video game puzzles. It is more about cause and effect than just shapes and static patterns. Remembering what to do when multiple factors are at play. The most obvious example of working memory people thinks of when imagining it is doing math problems in the head with no pencil and paper. This is what WM is like on the wais 4. But this conceals the reality that verbal and spacial use their own methods.

phil being at the level he is memorizes almost everything but must still specialize so avoids boring topics and general knowledge suffer as we all do from the avoidance of what is not our interest. Mugabe can read a book and do well on a test about it. Understanding books at the 99.999 level. pill being in the vicinity of this and his previous hints, I estimate he is 170.

Even at this high-level Phil belittles people lower than him. Thinks Jews rule the world. Calls people autistic without evidence or evaluating all factors involved. Thanks all black success is due to affirmative action (the magic negro). Can’t believe that anyone not involved with economics is Neurotypical. Has an imaginary view of autism and is schizophrenic (hears voices).

Pills intelligence sets him apart. He can understand and think above what a million people can do individually. But like all of us, pill is not omniscient. Bias is the result of not having time to evaluate all information. So even if he does or doesn’t get 170 on a test that does not mean he is not utilizing all his resources. The test by its nature is flawed by its associative methodology. The symmetrical average quant above asymmetric quality general. We just lack the data for statistics to work properly.

As they say: There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.