So I’m looking through youtube and I see Tim Pool is having a live interview with the three men behind the biggest news story of the week: Ye (Kanye West), Nick Fuentes, and Milo Yiannopoulos. Wow! Tim Pool must be a really big deal to have landed all three men in the middle of this controversy and it’s yet another sign (like we needed one) that the centre of cultural gravity has moved away from television (which I grew up on) to Youtube.

The interview starts off fine and then Ye predictably starts making references to Jews. Pool is having none of it, and Ye immediately storms off the set. That’s fine, I’m thinking; Nick and Milo are more articulate anyway so the show will still be good. But these two men have the social IQ to realize Ye is their meal ticket so they storm off the set too in a show of solidarity, leaving Pool with no one to talk to but his own staff. I’ve never seen a talk show host screw-up such an important interview so badly. This would be like if Harry and Meghan had walked off the set 5 minutes into the Oprah interview because she pushed back too much on their claims of royal racism. Part of being a good talk show host is knowing when to shut up.

As I’ve noted many times, all of us make mistakes in life, but people with higher IQs tend to get ahead because they make fewer mistakes. Perhaps Pool is not as smart as I thought which would explain why he dropped out of school at only 14. Of course in Pool’s defense, he was probably afraid that if he allowed Ye to push his anti-Jew claims unfettered, Pool would be kicked off youtube or at least badly downgraded in the algorithm. Either way, Pool has taken a huge L.