What follow’s is a guest post written by Ganzir, only lightly edited by Pumpkin Person:

You are invited to participate in Ganzir’s research by taking a survey. You will read a description of a disease’s symptoms, then rank each of 12 different descriptions of personality traits according to how much they resemble those symptoms. This quiz has no right or wrong answers. You shouldn’t see a score or a pass/fail message, but if you do, it’s an artifact, not part of the survey. Your answers will be manually transcribed into my statistical records. If you intend to take this survey, do not read the comments on this post before you do.

Once I have enough responses, I will post an analysis of the results on my blog at ganzir.info. I will release my first report on it once I have 25 responses or at the end of March, whichever comes first: Link to the survey