Below our my best estimates of the genetic IQs of many populations. Given the lack of precision, all estimates rounded to multiples of 5.

As one can see, there seems to be a pretty strong negative correlation correlation between IQ and skin colour. Those at the top of the totem pole are all light skinned. Those at the bottom are mostly dark skinned. This is likely because skin colour is a proxy for how far ones ancestors were able to migrate from the tropics and this likely would have selected for the cognitive ability to adapt to an environment unsuited to our African bodies.

It’s interesting that Arctic people have both lower IQs and darker skin than their ancestral climate predicts.

There also seems to be a negative correlation between antiquity and IQ. For example apes appear in the fossil record 25 million years ago and they average IQs of only 15. Ashkenazi Jews appeared only about 800 years ago and they average about 105.