I love these therapy scenes from the director’s cut version of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. Although no one can replace Jamie Lee Curtis as the original Laurie Strode, actress Scout Taylor-Compton really makes the part her own as she slowly descends into Marxist madness in Zombie’s remakes. Zombie felt that since Strode is the sister of Michael Myers, she should have a little psycho in her too which is a very valid assumption given what we know about regression to the mean.

Indeed if Myers was five standard deviations above the mean in criminal insanity (one in several million level), we’d expect his sister to be +5(0.5) = +2.5 SD (one in 200 level), even though his sister was raised in a much better home (in Zombie’s version).

Of course Rob Zombie probably can’t do a math equation to save his life, but his social intelligence tells him this intuitively. Similarly, an autistic might go their whole life never noticing that mental illness runs in families, but they can use math to achieve that understanding. Math is arguably the highest form of intelligence, because everything, even social dynamics, can be reduced to numbers.

Margot Kidder is great as the therapist and reminds me of my own (now retired) therapist who would also try to ease my anxiety with relaxation exercises I didn’t care for, but I would never have talked to my therapist the way Laurie talks to hers. I have too much respect for her.

I love the way Laurie starts talking about a guy dressed as Frankenstein and even though there was nothing crazy about what she was saying, the manic way in which she was saying it causes the psychiatrist to become alarmed. It’s such attention to social details that makes Zombie a great director.

I also love there being no trees on the leaves outside, thus looking like Halloween in the Midwest. Rob Zombie’s Halloween II is the most atmospheric film in the entire franchise, despite being the most polarizing.