A commenter on Quoara wrote:

Well they were collecting standardization data on it from 2016 through 2020, and expected to finish in 2020, but I don’t know if they did due to Covid, etc.

So if it was normed circa 2018 and looks like it wont be released until 2022 at the earliest by which time the norms will be four years old and from the pre-covid era. Flynn claimed WAIS norms became inflated by 0.3 points per year, but if anything people probably would score lower now than in 2018 because of closed schools and offices and long covid causing brain fog.

Are psychologists going to spend $1400 USD buying a test with potentially obsolete norms and risk getting covid by administering to the people who come to their office? The Psychological Corporation must be shaking in their boots that all the money they invested norming the test will not be made back, but by panicking they are making the problem worse, because every year they don’t release the test is another year more obsolete the norms get.

Maybe they are trying to create a zoom friendly version of the WAIS-V and collecting fresh norms for this new version. All the money they spent norming the pre-covid version could than be a tax write off.

Bad it’s sad to think of the WAIS-V being administered by zoom without the hands-on charm and physical puzzles of the traditional WAIS.